06 January, 2010


I'm being constantly reminded that the only one who can faithfully keep a promise is God. Sometimes I wonder when I'll actually learn that I can't put my faith in people, and how they can make me happy or fulfill my expectations. I know that only God can do that...so why do I still turn to people: fallible, human, people...?

Promises -- Parachute band

All your promise won't let go of me

I surrender my life to your ways
I have learned what it means to obey
Jesus my heart has been changed by you

I am walking the path you made
I am seking the truth everyday
Jesus my heart has been changed by you

I couldn't walk away if i tried
'cause your love is better than life

The suns shinning bright
And it just won't set
'cause your love is alive
And it lights my step
My heart is amazed
Everyday to the next
Your joy over takes and i can't forget about it

All of your promises won't let go of me

Now, here's a promise I can hang onto:

"When you pass through the waters"

Deep the waves may be and cold, But Jehovah is our refuge, 
And His promise is our hold; For the Lord Himself has said it, 
He, the faithful God and true: "When you come to the waters 
You will not go down, BUT THROUGH."

Seas of sorrow, seas of trial, 
Bitter anguish, fiercest pain, Rolling surges of temptation 
Sweeping over heart and brain- They will never overflow us 
For we know His word is true; All His waves and all His billows 
He will lead us safely THROUGH.

Threatening breakers of destruction, 
Doubt's insidious undertow, Will not sink us, will not drag us 
Out to ocean depths of woe; For His promise will sustain us, 
Praise the Lord, whose Word is true! We will not go down, or under, 
For He says, "You will pass THROUGH."

-Annie Johnson Flint

Just thought I'd share. =)

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