08 January, 2010

Gym? What Gym?

Oh, you mean that tiny one that is like a 3 minute walk away? Yeah...not happening today.

So, remember that knee and ankle pain from yesterday? Well, it's gone. And in its place I have serious muscle pain - my left calf and then my right leg, right under my butt. Extremely weird. I'm going to blame the crappy excuse for an elliptical that my apt. complex has in its mini-gym. Sheesh. So much for that!

Instead of working out today, I'll most likely be working on a scrapbook that I began for this little one before she was born.

This is my absolutely adorable one month old niece! =D I'm totally in love with all of her cuteness! I'm extremely thankful that my sister in law sends me pictures!! Anyway, I made a scrapbook for her WAY before she was born so that Anna (my sis in law) could put in pictures later and use it as a very cute baby book. =) While I was in NC for post-Christmas festivities, Anna informed me that she didn't feel capable of putting pictures in the book. =P Apparently, she thinks it takes tons of creative ability to be able to do this. It doesn't, but ok. So, she ordered pics from Walgreens and sent them to the one down the street from me. Guess what I'm going to be doing today?! That's right, scrapbooking!!! =D I'm sooo excited! Never mind that I should be unpacking the 30 boxes in the "office" or cleaning the bedroom or working out or anything like that...I will be scrapbooking today!!! =D


Christen Krumm said...

sounds like fun! i'm cleaning the new apartment across the parking lot so we can move in. haha. much rather be scrappin'!!

Anna said...

I'm glad I have given you an excuse to stay in and scrapbook! And don't make fun of me for thinking it takes creativity!!! LOL - I just didn't want to mess up your pretty baby book for Eden! Haha, I'm sure she will be much happier knowing a professional arranged the pictures. :)


beckara said...

haha That's great. =D Since you like scrapbooking, here's an idea for "later on/whenever/lol" you and Joe have a cutie pie of your own: Knowing that you'll most likely be stationed away from family, create a small (I did a 4x6) scrapbook of your kid's family and friends that live far away. I did that for Abigail when we lived in MO while at Bible College and when we went to visit family, she recognized them, knew their names, and wasn't totally freeked that strange people wanted to hold her! LOL

Sarah said...

Ooooh! That's a GREAT idea! Maybe I should make a small one of Joe and I for Eden. Hehehehe =D