21 January, 2010

Evil Dogs and Pilates

Beware: this is a random post!

I have a new found hatred for pit bulls. This is why:

When I get up in the mornings, I take Jasper out first thing. So yesterday, as usual, I got out of bed put on my flip flops (seriously, it's like 60 here. what the heck?), got Jasper out of his crate and leashed him up. I thought I'd heard a dog in the breezeway, but I figured it was the sweet german shepherd pup from upstairs. I didn't think a thing of it. So, out we went. The dog was NOT on a leash. Turns out it was a pit bull pup, but still about twice the size of my cute {and very friendly} little Jasper. So, the dog makes her way to us. Again, I didn't think a thing of it. I thought that she was just going to sniff him as most dogs do. WRONG! She totally went after Jasper. In mere seconds, she was all over him, growling, snarling, biting at him. Me? I totally freaked out. Pit bulls are known to be aggressive, and I thought I was going to watch my precious puppy get eaten! I heard myself scream "Jasper, Jasper!!" but I didn't really realize I was doing it. Finally, I was able to pick him up away from the other dog. How, I still have no idea. She still was biting at him in my arms. Finally the owner/teenager ran down the stairs and called the dog away from us.

By this point, I was shaking and terrified. I thought for sure the dog was going to bite me and kill Jasper. The girl apologized, my thought was "don't apologize, get rid of that monster" but I didn't say that. She tried to pet Jasper, but he growled at her. "Good boy." =D Poor Jasper was so shaken up. He'd peed and 'messed' all over the place in front of the door to our apartment. Not that I could blame him. How the heck are you supposed to "hold it" when you're being attacked. The neighbor across the hall said he'd already reported them that morning. For what, I'm not sure. Maybe just because the dog was off the leash. Who knows. So, I walked Jasper a little just to calm both of us down and see if he was ok. Which, he was...is. We came back in and I tried to feed him, but he peed all over my kitchen floor. =( So, I just cleaned it up. No way could I get mad at him. I was still shaking. Then, I put on clothes and marched down to the office to make a complaint. The lady I spoke with was so sweet and understanding. She took care of it, and about an hour later I saw the girl get in the car with the dog and then come back without it. Thank you, Lord! She told me [later] that if I see the dog come back to give her a call and it would be taken care of. Hopefully, I'll never see that evil dog again. Hence, my new found hatred for pit bulls.

Because it is raining and I hate getting out in the rain, I decided to do a Pilates video instead of my usual trip to the mini gym to run. The first one I did didn't really do a whole lot. Yes, it killed - I mean - worked my muscles, but my heart rate wasn't up enough to do anything. So, I found another one on Netflix instant. I heart Netflix. =D This one was Fat-Burning Pilates. And it killed. 10 minutes in and I was dying. Of course, part of that is because I did the first one. Still, it killed. I hurt more and was more tired from the 25 minutes {I didn't finish the video...ouch!} from that video than I usually am from running for 30. So yeah, ouch! Definitely doing the Fat-Burning next time!

Now, I'm off to do some cleaning, scrapbooking, and anything else I can think of to keep me inside and away from the rain! I like to hear it and look at it, but not be out in it. =)

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