16 January, 2010

Adventures of Joe and Sarah

Very rarely do I do anything...out of the ordinary. I'm sort of a stuck-in-my-little-bubble, don't-do-anything-outlandish kind of girl. Most of the time. O=)

Today, this is what I did.

Yep, that's right. I got a tattoo!!!! I still can't really believe it myself. I'd actually wanted one for a while, but I never really thought I could go through with it. I mean, they hurt! Not to mention, it's permanent. I've wanted a cross on my wrist for a while to remind me that God is always with me. I mean, I know it but I don't always think about it or remember it. Now, it's a permanent reminder that, no matter what, God is with me. I'm never alone. =)

Joe got one as well. His says "Joseph and Sarah 06 07 08" for our wedding day. =) I guess I can really say it's marriage for life now. Lol! Like it wasn't before, but I just think it's funny. His brother said he was cursing himself. I know he was just kidding, but if he'd been here...I'm pretty sure I would have smacked him. Lol!

Ok, so here are the pictures of how it went down! Enjoy...and laugh. =)

This is me before the tattoo. =)

This is me getting very nervous!

And this is the exact moment that he started the outline. Nice job, babe!


Almost done. Thank goodness!!
And, the finished product! Cute, is it not? I think so! =D

Joe, right before he "got inked", as he would say. =)

Takin' it like a man! My hubby, Army Strong. LOL!

His hurt a lot more than mine. He was making some great faces!!
I thought I would keep his "Army Strong" rep intact.

Tada! Joe's finished tattoo. For those who can't remember, it says:
Joseph and Sarah 06 07 08
{Wedding day!}

So, that was our adventure today. =) Who knows if more are to come. I hear tattoos are addictive! We shall see, I guess!!


Anonymous said...

you are a brave girl...i have wanted a tattoo for a few years now...i even went with shawn to get one and backed out at the last min. but your cross looks really nice!!

The Undomestic Army Wife said...

Looks great! Braver than me! haha. I don't do needles at all.