12 January, 2010

3 Rooms Down, 1 To Go!

So, today I embarked on the journey that is unpacking. I'm desperately trying to finish unpacking these boxes. It's incredibly overwhelming. My main goal for today was to find the books that go on my bookshelf in the living room. Apparently, the packers weren't too concerned with keeping all of the books I had placed on the shelves together in the same box or two. They were spread out among about 3 or 4 boxes. GRRRRR!!!! I even opened a box labeled "books" and it was full of MK things like samples and brushes. Oh wait, there was ONE binder in there, so I guess that works. NOT. Ugh. Anyway, I did find all the books I wanted to. I even got to a few "office supplies". =) It doesn't really look like I got a whole lot done, but I feel like I did! Here are a few photos just because!

This is what Jasper was doing when I began my unpacking today. Lazy puppy.

Before I started doing anything...
This was my snack =D They're so good!!! (Yep, still leftover from Christmas...trying to cut back ppl!)

Now for the "after" pics:My bookshelf has books on it! =D Finally!
{Notice the summer boots to the right...*sigh* Army life}
I know...it doesn't look like much.
Ahhh, no big boxes in the chair! Or in my way!
Proof that the packers will pack anything:
the file box on the bottom of this pile was in a box. Yeah.

When I checked on Jasper at lunch time: he hadn't moved from his perch on our bed. Lol!

And that was basically my day! Other than a little bit of scrapbooking, folding laundry, making dinner and hanging out with the hubby for a few hours. =) Not bad for a Tuesday, I think! Tomorrow, back to the grind found at my local mini-gym! Bring it on, Wednesday!

Oh, AND before I forget Designer Blogs is having a giveaway for their upcoming anniversary! 4 people will win one of the following: 2 (one per person, I assume) custom blog designs, and 2 premade designs! If you're interested, you can find it here. I'm super excited about this!!! =D

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Melissa Hendrix said...

You forgot to mention Skype as part of your day, but that is ok, I know where I rate... JK
I hope you accomplish a lot more today!! Have fun!