04 November, 2009


Here's what I really want to know: how does the Army really think the bills are gonna get paid when they take out a bazillion dollars worth of taxes?! I mean, really, we don't even see our BAH (Basic Housing Allowance). Why? Well, because that's about how much we have to pay in freaking taxes!!!! Not that the housing allowance was that much anyway, but it's definitely more than what we're actually paying for rent. So, how is it that I still feel like I'm living paycheck to paycheck? We don't have any more bills that we did before...and nothing has really changed. I don't get it. I just got really frustrated when I looked at his pay stub tonight. *sigh*

In other news, I'm also overwhelmed about packing and getting rid of things we don't need. I know the Army packs and moves you, but for some reason, I look around at all this stuff...and I start thinking that I really don't know what we have in storage...and we have so much stuff that's not in storage...where is it all going to go?! I don't actually know how many square feet are in the place we're in now, but it has to be more than what most apartments have. Not to mention the built-in storage. To be honest, I think there is a lot of stuff that didn't get unpacked because neither one of us wanted to deal with it anymore and we just called it good. Lol! I almost want to open the boxes and figure it all out, but then again, I'm worried about finding bugs in those boxes. =/ Yes, I am a total and complete wimp when it comes to any and all bugs. Especially the creepy, crawly kind that love to inhabit my home during the winter months.

As a matter of fact, last week, I came home to a very creepy spider (which I later decided had to be a brown recluse) just chillin' on the couch downstairs. I opened the door, and it was like, "Hey, 'sup? I'm just chillin' on the couch enjoying the sunshine, wanna join?" So, what did I do? I screamed like the girl I am and high-tailed it upstairs. Then, I realized that there was no one else - except my dog - in the house. So, I left this creepy spider all alone in the living room...possibly letting it get away. Then, I'd never find it!!! Now what? I called my mom. Yep. I did. She advised me to get the broom - after many other suggestions which I denied because I didn't "want to get that close to it!" - and whack it. So, with the phone in one hand, broom and bug spray in the other, I walked slowly downstairs. I spotted that creepy spider immediately and cringed. "Do I have to kill it?! I don't wanna!!" So, Mom tells me to put the phone down and just kill it. "Yes, Mom." ;-) So, I put the phone on the table, raise the broom, hit the spider and yelled. Yep. I know. Then, just to make sure it was really dead, I hit that thing again...and broke my broom. =( Sad day. Pretty sure my mom was laughing at me...but that's ok. 1 spider down, 5,875,209 to go.

So, back to my original story: I HATE PACKING!!!! So, in order to avoid packing, I'm doing some fall cleaning. =) Today, I cleaned out some junk to take to my wonderful sister in law's house for a garage sale this weekend. It felt good to get that stuff out of my house...knowing that someone will pay $3 or less for my unwanted junk. Gotta love the US! =) I also made a call to a local furniture consignment store that will hopefully cart off my unwanted furniture and pay me for it! At this point, I really don't care how much I get for it, I just want it gone. Besides that, it's not like I paid anything for any furniture in this house anyway, thanks to my wonderful family! I still don't know how that happened. So, hopefully, by this time next week, I will be 4 pieces of furniture short, and $25 richer. =D And with that $25ish, I will be redecorating our bathroom! But, I can't decide if I want to go ahead and put up the new stuff or wait until I get to the new apartment in GA. Tough decision! So much to do, so little time to do it in. Story of my life!

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