25 October, 2009

Oh Weekend, Where Have You Gone?! ☀

I just spent a wonderful weekend with my hubby!! =) It was so nice just to be able to relax, talk, watch movies and hang out. You know, things normal couples do on the weekends! He did have to sleep on base, which I did not like at all. But, I suppose it was just another sacrifice to make so that I could spend 2 days with him. Such is life! I also had to sacrifice all the comforts of home, 2 tanks of gas, and a few hundred dollars. *cringe* Ah, Army life. ;-)

Why is it that letting him go is harder now that I get to see him o
ccasionally and talk to him every day? Does this make sense to anyone? It certainly doesn't make sense to me. I just hate coming home without him. I'm praying that he'll be able to get a 4 day weekend for Thanksgiving. He said his 1st SGT (I think; don't quote me!) is working on getting them a 4 day weekend. =D I really hope it happens! That would be sooooo amazing! I was wondering what in the heck I was going to do...I don't want him to be alone on Thanksgiving - even though it's not that big of a holiday - but I don't want to miss Thanksgiving here either, especially if he only gets one day off. So, let's just hope that he does get the 4 day! Then, after that it's only a few weeks til Christmas leave!!! =D 2 wonderful weeks of 24/7 Joe & Sarah!!! Of course, 75% of those 2 weeks will be spent with family, but...small price to pay to be with the hubby.

So, I've decided that Joe and I are not like most couples. Why, you ask? Well, I was talking to Joe this afternoon about the wedding shower thing and the work thing - what had been said to me about our relationship - and he said he knows we're not like most couples. I thought this was interesting. Most people aren't "happy to be married". Does that make sense? Many couples have a good relationship, but aren't happy to be married. I think Joe and I live to be married. Our lives revolve around our marriage, even though we're 250 miles apart. He isn't a Soldier, then ___, and ___, and then married. He's married, a Soldier, and then whatever else. The same with me. It's who we are; it defines us. We're happy together, h
appy to be married and spending the rest of our lives with our best friend.

I can't imagine life if I wasn't married to my best friend. It would be so much harder. I know that I can trust Joe with anything. When I say anything, I mean anything. There's not a single thing that I don't tell him or trust him with. I know that I can be a complete dork around him, and yeah, he may tease me a little but it's ok because I know that he loves me no matter what. And he's just a big dork too!!! Haha! =) I can't imagine not being married to someone I trust so much. I think that if I'd married someone other than Joe who h
ad lost their job, and then gone off to BCT, it would have been much more difficult. I trust Joe, and no matter what doubts may creep into my head, I know he's doing all this to make sure that I'm taken care of. That - and God - has gotten me through those long 10 weeks of BCT and the last few weeks we've spent apart.

So, I'm ok with the fact that our relationship is different from most. I love being married to Joe. We're happy together, and so in love! And I love it! I realized today that we are that couple. You know, the one that grosses you out because they're kissing in public. We're the ones who hold hands across the table at the restaurant. We're the ones walking around the mall laughing, talking, and holding hands. Yep, that's us! And I am 100% alright with that! If you don't like it, just look away folks, 'cause it's not gonna stop! =)

♥ We are married. We are head over heels in love. We are best friends. Deal with it! ♥


Anonymous said...

That's really awesome. :) Yall are a very blessed couple. My husband and I count ourselves as one of those "few" you talk about. And you're right, it's so about keeping each other as the priority directly after falling in love more and more deeply with your Savior individually. Please choose not to automatically disagree with my next sentence please though, and take a second to hear me out, even if just as a possibility okay? - it will get more difficult to prioritize that way. As more comes into the "your life together mix" (i.e. children, schedules, to do lists, expectations of others, etc.) Sometimes you may not even notice it happening, it's a slow fade that you have to both consciously fight against. I know, I know, based on what you just wrote about your marriage you're probably saying to yourself, "No, that's not happening with us," but you need to understand that the ONLY way that it won't, because IT WILL TRY to happen if you're not paying attention, is to do exactly that - pay VERY close attention. The longer you're married you have to fight the unconscious feelings of being there because you're used to being there and it's common place. Praise God, it definitely sounds like you both are pursuing an UNcommon-place marriage already, I'm just saying please don't assume that it will stay that way ON ITS OWN just because you love each other (almost everybody starts out loving being married). You have to pay attention, and continually pursue, for the rest of your lives, the "uncommon-place" marriage, the one meant for all of us to have with each other by our Savior. :) And when I say this last phrase, don't immediately shrug it off saying that you won't, like it's an "understood", it is something to be carried out CONTINUALLY.............don't forget.

Sarah said...

Oh, I don't deny that it will get harder once kids are into the mix. I know it's one of those things you can't just ignore because you're busy - even though it's really hard. Once the babies start arriving, I'm planning on (let me restate that, PLANNING ON) staying home so that I can focus on my family rather than my own personal agendas. I sell Mary Kay as well, which is one of those things that works well for women who don't want a "normal" job. =)