26 September, 2009

Nothin' But the Rain

That is what my day has been. Lots and lots of rain. Not in downpours, though. In a light mist that has been constant. It did rain harder an hour or so ago, but it's been mist for the rest of the day. I have really enjoyed it. I know that is very strange, but I've liked the mist. When I talked to my mom earlier, she said it's that way in England a lot, so I'm guessing that could be why I like it. I was born in London, but only lived there for about 6-8 months. I was lucky enough to have been born there, but not lucky enough to remember it or to get the accent. =) Such is life.

I have been very productive today, despite the laziness that rain makes me feel. I cleaned the entire house (with the exception of the spare room...aka junk room)!! I did dishes, cleaned the counter tops, dusted the kitchen table, moved flowers in the center of the table and put the pumpkin plate on the 'drink' table, swept, mopped, vacuumed, dusted everywhere else, and cleaned the bathroom. Whew! Of course, there is now a pile of dishes in the sink, but that's what happens when you cook. I made a pot of chili this evening. A good rainy, cool day calls for some chili, so that's what I did. I even took most of it to Joe's grandparents. His grandmother is sick and I had agreed to take them dinner tonight anyway. =) So, I got some chili too! Besides, it's a really cheap dinner. I've done two loads of laundry so far...not sure if I'll do anymore. I need to get in bed early tonight. I stayed up talking to Melissa on the phone until 3 a.m.(EST)! I haven't done that in years! My usual bedtime is around 11:30, and 10:30 when the hubby is here. I rarely stay up past midnight on the weekends. =) I suppose a good girlie chat is needed every once in a while, though.

So, now that my day is coming to a close, I'm missing the hubby. I know I've only got 4 days left, but I still miss him. It's hard not knowing what is going on with him. I would love to get a phone call tomorrow, and I plan on keeping my phone with me at all times, as usual. Somehow, I just don't think it's going to happen and I don't want to get my hopes up thinking he'll call. That never makes things better. I'm happy thinking that I'll be seeing him in just a few days, but it would be nice to know how he is and how excited he is about graduating...and seeing me, of course! =) I suppose I just miss talking to my best friend. It's been a long 2 months. I'm glad it's coming to a close; I just wish that I could speak to him.

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