12 May, 2014

Tricked, Spoiled, and Blessed

I was very pleasantly surprised this Mothers Day. I had thought that Joe hadn't gotten me anything. Usually what happens is I remind him of an event, suggest a gift or two (because he needs some help), and then leave the rest up to him. A few days ago, I asked if I'd have a gift by the weekend. For the last year or so, he's been notorious for getting me gifts way after the fact. Anyway, he pretty much had me convinced that my gift would be here late. 

On Sunday, he woke up and got in the shower before my alarm went off, so I got a little extra rest before church. As I was getting ready, I heard him running all around the house. I really just assumed that he was getting diaper bags and stuff ready. I thought I smelled coffee, but I was kind of hungry so I chalked it up to that. Since the girls were still asleep when I was finished getting ready (wahoo, happy Mothers Day to me!), I came in to get some breakfast. And I found coffee, donuts, and a gift waiting for me on the coffee table. Shock. Of. A. Lifetime. He totally fooled me! I got one thing I asked for and a surprise gift, too.

Rings with the girls' names on them. LOOOOOOVE!
(I asked for this. ;-))

And a Nicholas Sparks book I haven't read!

My mom also gave me some flowers, which was totally unnecessary and also very sweet. :)

Please excuse the mess that is my kitchen counter and bar. 
It's a work in progress.

I also got a flower from church when we were picking up the girls from the nursery/children's church. I was definitely not expecting anything (mostly because they didn't do this last year), so it was a sweet surprise.

We went to lunch after church, which is something we never do. Then we just spent the rest of the day hanging out around the house. It was really nice!! 

I kept thinking about things our pastor said at church yesterday, and one thing really stuck out to me. Out of all the women in the world, God chose me - specifically me - to be the mother of these girls. I don't know why, but He did. He made me the most influential person in their little lives, and gave me the ability to stay home to love, care for, raise, teach, grow, and cuddle them. It's often a pretty tough job, but it's a special one. In all, the message was a good reminder that I have a special calling and an even more special place in their lives. And I'm so grateful for them.

Children are a gift from the Lord;
    they are a reward from him.
Children born to a young man
    are like arrows in a warrior’s hands.
How joyful is the man whose quiver is full of them!
~ Psalm 127:3-5

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