20 December, 2013

Finally Ready!

It should seem obvious by now that I'm more than ready to have this little girl who's been growing in my belly for almost 39 weeks. Her lovely little room, however, hasn't been ready until this week. It's been a serious work-in-progress. While I took my time with Charlotte's nursery, it was finished a couple weeks before she was born. I've been burning the midnight oil around here lately, trying to get everything done before Millie arrives! I know it could be another week, but I've felt all along that she'll be early. How early isn't exactly up to me, though!

Her room was more work than Charlotte's was mainly because I was already pregnant when we moved into this house. Not only was I pregnant, I was still in the first trimester and feeling sick most of the time. Oh, and I had another baby to take care of! So, pregnant, sicky, and mama to big sister....kind of throws a kink in things! Because we obviously wouldn't need her room to be ready for a while, it became the catch-all room. Which basically means if I didn't want to deal with certain boxes or pieces of furniture, that's where they ended up. So when it came right down to it, we had a lot of boxes to go through and furniture to move or get rid of. 

Just to give you an idea...
There was a lot more in here  (top pic) when we started clearing things out!

Pretty sure it took 2 months for this kind of progress. LOL

And then I had to actually make her bedding. I really procrastinated on this one way too long. I didn't order fabric until November. I had honestly planned on doing it earlier, but money has seriously been tight around here lately. I don't really even know what happened... It was just like all of a sudden - no extra moneys! Anyway, ordering fabric took forever. Then it took me a while to work up the nerve to start. Cutting fabric is seriously nerve-racking because once you cut, you can't take it back!

Bumper fabric

Quilt fabric (this was pre-cut for me! ;))

Also, I've never made crib bedding before. I've done a few quilts and other small projects, but nothing like this. Suffice it to say I was really nervous about it. Thankfully, I have a seamstress for a best friend and she walked me through it. Pretty sure there were a few times she wanted to come through the phone and smack me. ;-) I freaked out a lot and bugged her with a ton of questions. My brain doesn't work the way hers does, first of all. Second, I'm pregnant and my brain just does not work the way it used to! 

Long story, short: I have an awesome best friend who sent me instructions, texted more instructions, and Skyped/FaceTimed for even more instructions. Oh, and she also let me borrow a foot for the sewing machine that ruffles things. If not for her....well, I might have thrown in the towel before I even got started.

And now, after weeks of hard work and late nights, here is the final product! I did the quilt first, because I had fabric for it first. =) Though not perfect, I'm really happy with the way it turned out. 

The bumpers took the most time to cut out, but were probably the easiest part to sew. I wish I'd known that going in, because I probably wouldn't have put it off for so long!

And finally.... The crib skirt!! Putting this thing together was a huge pain. Cutting it, and even hemming it, wasn't so bad. But getting it just the right way onto the fabric that goes under the mattress? Ridiculous. 

I have to say that, even with help, I'm pretty darn proud of myself. ;-) It's definitely not perfect, and there are some things I would love to change, but I did it. It's done. 

                        I'm ready to see her in this bed!

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