15 November, 2013

Christmas Mug Swappers, Swap Away!

So, this post is basically just for the lovely ladies who are doing the mug swap with me this year. Sorry to all the rest of you!! (But if you're looking for a recent post to read, you can check out yesterday's thankful post. It's a bit sappy, but worth a read, IMO. ;-)) This was supposed to go up earlier in the week, but we had a power outage and then a super busy couple of days and, well.... It didn't happen. That's life, right?

Anyway! On to business. :)

  • After the sign-up deadline (and a minor snafoo or two), names have been drawn!
  • Although it doesn't show up this way on the website, the person you drew in the swap also drew your name. I've checked and re-checked that, so don't worry!
  • Now's the time to get a wish/recommendation list to your swapper! You can do that by creating one on the Elfster site, making a board on pinterest and sending that to your partner, OR simply by sending them a message. Easy peasy.
  • Make sure you also get your mailing address to your partner. That's kind of important. ;-)
  • Don't forget, your partner needs to receive their gift by December 10th!

Now, go forth...shop, and swap! :)

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