22 October, 2013

30 Down, 10 to Go!

How far along? 30 weeks...seriously can not believe it! (Somehow this pic makes my baby belly look smaller than it is. Or maybe I just feel big? Haha:))

Size of baby: About 16 inches? Considering her big sister was 18.5 at birth, somehow I doubt little miss Millie is quite that big. We'll see! :)

Maternity clothes? Oh, absolutely. I have a few tshirts I can wear around the house (and a few of Joe's tshirts ;)), but other than that it's maternity all the way! I have got to go shopping for some fall maternity clothes, too. It's starting to get chilly out! =D

Best moment this week: Charlotte pointing at my tummy during breakfast and saying, "Millie!" =) She doesn't quite understand what's going on, but it's still cute and sweet.

Miss anything? I miss being able to eat what I want, and when, but other than that I don't miss much. 

Movement: Holy cannoli. This girl has been so active lately! I guess she's starting to run out of room, because it seems like I can feel everything. I feel pretty certain she's head-down now (woohoo!) because I've had feet in my ribs for the last day or so. Getting closer!

Food cravings: Nothing, really...which seems kind of weird, I guess. I just want all the sweet things that I really shouldn't have. Although I'll be the first to admit that I definitely do indulge sometimes. It's tough being a preggo with GD!

Food aversions: I think we're past that, but I definitely haven't had any yogurt since the beginning of this pregnancy. Better safe than sorry, I guess. Haha!

Gender: It's a GIRL! =)

Labor signs: None! Even the few Braxton Hicks I had a few weeks back have gone away. Totally fine by me.

Sleep: Sleep is meh. I sleep pretty well, for the most part, but I'm still getting up for bathroom breaks...and sometimes just because my hip/back hurts. 

Symptoms: The usual - never-ending heartburn, back, and hip pain, and generally just feeling uncomfortable. Having someone else's teensy little feet in your ribs really isn't all that fun. Cute as they may be! ;-)

Belly button in or out? I think it's about half out. It just hasn't "popped" yet because little missy isn't quite that big. Soon, though, I will have an outie. It's just a matter of when at this point!

Looking forward to: Working on her bedding and room some more! Seeing her at my OB appointment in a couple weeks... And definitely looking forward to more of these fantastic fall temperatures!! 

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