02 July, 2013

Dare I Bumpdate?

I figured I should probably do one of these bumpdate things like I did with Charlotte. I'd be lying if it didn't feel scary, or as if I were tempting fate. But I also can't live in fear, so without further ado, here it is. Enjoy!

How far along? As I'm writing this? 14 weeks, 1 day. {You'll probably read this later in the week, and that's ok.}

Size of baby: According to my app, a bell pepper. OR 3.5 inches. Whichever you can picture. ;-)

Maternity clothes? Hahahaha! I just have to laugh at this one because, yes. Definitely in maternity pants. My regular pants fit...sort of. But let's be honest, I pretty much live in yoga pants unless I'm going somewhere. Side note: my OB totally laughed when she saw I was already in maternity pants. Not in a mean way... In a yeah-this-isn't-your-first kind of way. I really, kind of love her. But that's a post for another day.

Best moment this week: Hearing little Rainbow Baby's heartbeat at my OB appointment! I was seriously impressed with how easy it was to find. Charlotte wasn't that cooperative until the end, when she had very little space. Rotten girl.

Miss anything? Not really... Even if I do, it's worth it. 

Movement: I feel a little here and there, and have for about a week. It's hard to explain how it feels when they're this small. I only really feel anything when I'm still and lying on my back...or my stomach. {Charlotte didn't like it when I slept on my stomach, either. These kids. Don't they know I'm a tummy sleeper?!}

Food cravings: Dear Lord. I feel like I have 10 cravings a day. I pretty much just want to eat Mexican food and chocolate all the time. And donuts. Krispy Kreme donuts, to be exact. God help me if I get gestational diabetes again....

Food aversions: Yet again, I can't stand the sight, smell, or taste of peanut butter. It's really unfortunate because I love having apples and PB as a snack. Some cheeses, yogurt, and sadly, I think I have a slight aversion to spaghetti because it made me sick a few times during the first trimester. Everything but spaghetti was the same when I was pregnant with Charlotte, though.

Gender: Your guess is as good as mine! About 6 weeks till we find out. :) Anyone want to take a guess?

Labor signs: NONE, thank you, Jesus.

Sleep: Pretty good, actually. Definitely getting up at night for potty breaks, but it's nothing like a 2am feeding. 

Symptoms: Still a little nausea here and there, some exhaustion (though I can't tell if it's because I'm pregnant or because I have a toddler and I'm pregnant), heartburn (already!?), and round ligament pain. 

Belly button in or out? Definitely still in. I don't even remember when mine popped out with Charlotte.

Looking forward to: Spending the 4th with some friends here and hopefully enjoying some fireworks! And then a few days later, my birthday! Although I have no idea what we'll be doing - if anything. Such is the life of a mama with bills to pay. Oh, well. =) 

{Let's just say some prayers that Joe won't end up working all day/night on my birthday. Because Lord knows only the Army could pull something like that off.}


Rebekah said...

You look so cute and I'm so glad you wrote this! I'm craving all things spicy and donuts as well. This child wants donuts every day but obviously I can't do that!

Emily said...

Congratulations again-so excited for you guys! You look great!! :)

Kathryn B said...

You look awesome! Congrats!!!!! I had heartburn with my second it seems like from day one. Have you notice popping sooner this time? Congrats again!!!!!

Angie said...


Chantal said...

I love watching pregnancies grow! So many people I know are pregnant right now. Babies everywhere!!

Jen said...

You look great! :)

Jessica said...

Yay, I love bumpdates!!! I am pregnant with my second and I definitely started showing a whole lot sooner, I was in maternity bottoms at around 10ish weeks! Crazy!!!! My son will be 15.5 months when this baby is born so I am definitely with you on the exhaustion because of pregnancy/and chasing a toddler around!!! It's definitely not as relaxing as when you are pregnant with your first!!!

MrsMcDancer said...

Oh man, if you're craving Krispy Kreme you are doomed where you are. They are everywhere! I don't think I've ever seen so many Krispy Kreme locations in my life lol