09 July, 2013

4th of July = Fireworks for my Birthday?

So it feels like this 4 day weekend was really long... Anyone else feel that way? Maybe it's because it's the first 4 day we've had since we've been here that we haven't been traveling or booked solid with things. It was kinda nice! We did do a few things on the 4th, which was pretty nice. :)

First, we headed out to Chick-fil-a for lunch. I took a picture of the cutest person there! 

Some things about my kid? 1) Holy cow, I have the cutest kid ever. 2) She totally left those sunglasses on her head (which I put there ;)) until after she was finished eating. 3) She eats more than a 2 year old and is STILL smaller than an "average" 9 month old. *sigh* Anyways.....

After our much-needed CFA date, the three of us went to Target for diapers and proceeded to spend way more money than we needed to. It's funny how Target can not only suck me in, but also my husband. Especially that little "dollar" section at the very front of the store. Oh, this is only $1? Hey, this is only $3! Sign me up! After we spent all the moneys at Target, Joe decided he needed ammo from Academy during a rainstorm. We gladly let him do that while we stayed in the car, keeping our hair and clothes dry. ;-)

Basically, we had a really, really rainy 4th. The post had their fireworks show on the 3rd, and they all but got rained out. I think they shot off the fireworks despite the weather because there wasn't another event planned for a few months. Kudos to all the nuts who stayed out in the rain to see some fireworks. Anyway, for the 4th I decided I'd make dinner and cupcakes and have Amanda and her hubby over. We also bought a few small-scale fireworks to do at our house. You know, because they're actually legal in Georgia! {I couldn't tell you the last time I bought fireworks...even small ones like fountains! They're banned in Hawaii. Sads.

Unfortunately, I got exactly zero pictures of the food. Everyone said it was tasty, though. {Pregnancy is to blame for my weird tastebuds.} We enjoyed our crock-pot sloppy joes, oven baked fries, potato salad, and cupcakes. And because I wanted Charlotte to get in on the celebration, we took to the patio after dinner (and while it wasn't raining) for a few fireworks.

Joe setting things up, Jasper supervising.

I tried to get in some good shots while we were waiting. Key word: tried.

"Ooooooh, aaaaaah."

Smiles for Daddy. :)

Apparently Daddy is way more funny than Mama.

Charlotte hanging out with Amanda. :)

We got a picture together this year! Score!

After we put Charlotte to bed {and waited for it to get dark}, we went back outside for more fireworks! We took our chairs to the driveway and got ready to set them all off.


We did about 3, maybe 4, when it started pouring down rain. *sigh* We tried to stick it out on the porch, hoping that we'd be able to see local fireworks, but not even the porch was keeping us dry. So much rain! So, after a very rainy 4th, we called it a night. We still have a bunch of fireworks left - including sparklers, which are pretty much my favorite thing ever. I'm kind of hoping we'll set them off for my birthday tomorrow. Or actually, today since I'll probably post this tomorrow instead of tonight. So, happy birthday to me! 

{Is it just me, or does 27 sound kind of old-ish? I mean I know I'm not old, but it sure feels a lot older than 26.... Maybe it's that whole one-year-closer-to-30 thing? Maybe.}

How was your 4th?


Jen said...

SO many people got rain on the 4th! It was dry as ever here haha.

Jenn said...

Charlotte has THE bluest eyes!! Love that CFA photo of her. Stinks about the rainy 4th, but hopefully you'll get to set off some fireworks in honor of your bday tonight! Happy birthday!

Chantal said...

Happy birthday too!

Anonymous said...

How fun! Your little girl is SO precious! :)

JG said...

27 is not old. 28 is old. 27 is the perfect age.

Lisa Cohe said...

Charlotte has the most beautiful eyes! Y'all did good. And a good place to watch fireworks is the on the Broad Street bridge right over the Savannah River. We parked on the SC side and walked over (then were totally soaked when the inevitable downpour started).

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Happy Birthday!!!! She is getting so big!

Stephanie Whitener said...

Your daughter is adorable! Such pretty eyes!