10 June, 2013

Trekkie Anniversary

Sometimes it's funny what marriage does to you. I mean, everyone changes over a period of time - even just a year. Before we got married (and even for a while after), I was very anti-Star Trek and anti-sci-fi. I was very much a chick-flick, sometimes an action flick kind of girl. And then one day....it happened.

Joe started out getting Star Trek: Voyager DVDs from Netflix sometime during the first year we were married. Most of the time I would just read while he watched them. I really couldn't have cared less. Sometime between the first and seventh season, I started paying more attention. Catching a story line here and action scene there. While not hooked, it was definitely something I could tolerate. And I'll admit that I was a little sad when the series ended. But wait! There's more, he said. ;-)

I think we started another Star Trek series before he left for basic...and then watched some more while he was in AIT. I was still not totally sold, but I didn't hate it. When he came back from Iraq (at some point), we started watching Next Generation. And somewhere in there, this conversation happened:

Joe: So what do you want to watch tonight?
Me: Star Trek sounds good.
Joe: *look of shock* Woohoo!

And that was it. So far the only series I haven't seen is the original. I've watched a few of the original movies, and most of the newer ones. Safe to say I'm hooked now.

When we saw the first new, new Star Trek movie I was impressed. I knew nothing about Star Trek or even the original series when I saw it. So the fact that I liked it was kind of a big deal. When we heard about the 2nd one coming out? We knew we HAD to go. Thankfully, Amanda and her hubby babysat for us so we could go see it for our anniversary. 

Hard as it was to leave this cutie, we definitely enjoyed a baby-free evening!

I won't give any fellow trekkies who haven't seen it any spoilers, but it. was. awesome! And if you're a girl who cries, bring some tissues. I know I could've used them! Also, my husband got me probably the biggest ICEE ever. Seriously you guys, I don't think I've ever seen one bigger. When I asked him why on earth he'd get me the biggest one they had when all I wanted was a small one, he said, "it was only $.75 more!" LOL. Boys. ;-) At one point, my straw fell down inside it and I couldn't get it back out. I mean, seriously! Why do they even need to be that big?! Anyway, the movie was awesome. I loved every second of it (although I will say that I thought the "new" Klingons looked kinda weird). I don't think they could've cast the movie any better. So...you should probably go see it. Just sayin'.

...Never in my life did I think I'd be going to see a Star Trek film for my anniversary. Ah, marriage. ;-)

P.S. I really wanted to find a way to rhyme "trekkie anniversary." So...sorry for the lame-ish title.


Jen said...

Haha it's amazing the things you will do for love. :)

Allie said...

My husband got me hooked on Next Generation when we got married :P

Chantal said...

I loved the movie too!! Awesome.

Jenna said...

This is adorable! I have noticed that some of the shows my hubby likes I have started to like to. Sci Fi wise have you seen Warehouse 13? I'm not very into sci fi but this show has me hooked! It's got this faux history theme running though it that I love.

JG said...

This post makes me smile really, really big. I'm working on turning SoldierMan into a Trekkie, but he won't go any farther than the new movie (still haven't seen the newest one). I bawl in the opening of "Star Trek" 2009 every time, so I don't even want to think about how emotional this one must be! (You need to watch Babylon 5 now!)

Katie said...

Haha-- this happened to me with The Office. I hated it before Donny moved in. Then I could kind of stand being in the same room with it... Then I would ask who that person was... And before I knew it, I was hooked and watching them on Netflix by myself! Lol. Marriage does things to people.... Hahaha

Jessica Lynn said...

I almost could've written this post myself...almost. Lol. I was a die-hard, anti sci-fi chick...until I met my husband. He's a definite Trekkie and I can't stand the show(s). I looove the movie, though! As far as sci-fi, I actually like a fair amount now, thanks to him, but I just can't get into Star Trek (unless Chris Pine is staring in it)!