07 March, 2013


If I could choose just one word to describe our moving day this week, that would be it. 


Backing up to last Friday, a guy from the moving company came by to evaluate how much stuff they'd need to bring Monday. He was here for a total of 10 mins, I think. We were told that they'd pack us up on Monday and take everything out on Tuesday. 

Cool. Not a problem. That's the way it was the last 2 times we moved.

So then Monday comes around. I'm a big bundle of nerves. When the doorbell rings while I'm making Charlotte's breakfast? I almost had a heart attack. I don't know why, either... 

Anyway, I finally calmed down a bit once they got to doing their packing thing. We basically watched and tried to keep Charlotte happy... Which was quite a task since the whole house had been overtaken by boxes, paper, loud tape dispensers, and strangers touching our stuff. Overall, though, I think she did pretty well.

It wasn't until the guy in the living room started covering furniture with paper that I realized something was different... I kept thinking that none of the movers we had before had done this. They all waited until the second day to worry about furniture. Then around 11, a woman - who I'm assuming is some sort of supervisor - came by to check their progress. This is when we were informed that they'd be packing us up and moving us out...in the same day.

I was SO not prepared for that! I had planned on wiping down all the furniture after they left so that it'd be clean before it got put into crates for the next 1-2 months. Not to mention I was planning on sleeping in my own bed...and Charlotte sleeping in hers...one last night. I was completely shocked. I don't know why, but I was really kind of upset about it. I've been so emotional about everything lately, so I guess I shouldn't be too surprised. It was just something else I wasn't expecting.

And of course, seeing your house torn apart and full of boxes doesn't really help things, either. SO. WEIRD. We lived in this house longer than anywhere else, so I guess that's probably one of many reasons why I feel so emotionally attached to it.

The rest of the day was pretty much a blur. I took Charlotte to get lunch - so she could nap in the car, I could escape, and we could get food. When I came back, the movers were gone and the house was empty. I was a little sad that I didn't get to see it go {again, weird emotional attachment}, but glad that they were gone. After lunch, Joe had to call the hotel, go by finance and housing later that day just so we'd have a place to sleep Monday night! Of course, we kept the pack n play for Charlotte so at least she had somewhere to sleep. =) {Such good parents we are. Haha!}

Thankfully we got it all worked out and got in our room by 5pm. THEN we had dinner with an older couple from church and our pastor. Y'all. We didn't get back to the hotel until 8:30. Charlotte's bedtime is like 6:30/7pm. She got 1 nap. I was exhausted from not sleeping well the night before, getting up at the crack of dawn, and dealing with moving stress. Charlotte has NEVER been out that late. Ever. {Well, ok, unless you count the days we flew to/from NC in December.} I was terrified at how the night would play out. And it was confirmed that I have an awesome kid. ;-)

So far, staying in a hotel with a baby is tough. She's sleeping ok-ish at night, but her daytime sleep is terrible. Of course, it doesn't really help that they're renovating the room next to us {thanks for that!} and that we're still driving back to our house to clean once a day. The poor girl has had a lot thrown her way lately, and that's not gonna stop...at least until we get to GA. At this point, my life-savers are: thumbsucking (for her, not me, LOL), her lovey bunny, and the sound machine.

If you think about it, say some prayers for us! We're looking at buying a house in GA which means we could have a looooong hotel stay ahead of us. I'm uber protective of her sleep schedule because she's so much happier when we stick with it, so this is hard on both of us. Her poor little eyes were so red before I put her down for the night. She's exhausted and so am I! She's not nursing well lately, either. Way too many distractions - too much stuff to look at in our hotel room. I'm just praying she'll adjust soon!!!


Expat Girl said...

I hope you all keep handling the moving situation well. I know it is stressful and emotional but keep it together for your precious little one so that she can stay calm too : ) Gd luck with everything!

Kaylee said...

I've been thinking/praying about you guys this week, especially knowing our time is coming up and I am sure it's more challenging with a babe. Also, I know I never commented when you shared about your loss, but know I am praying for you. I have a very dear friend who went through almost the exact same experience a few weeks before you, and I have been praying heavily for both of you.

Good luck with this week!

Lisa said...

I'm surprised they didn't tell you ahead of time. From my experience, they only send packers the first day (not movers) if that's what they tell you.

Chantal said...

I'm super protective of our sleep schedule too, because even the slightest adjustment could mean an even WORSE night than I already get, so I understand! I'm glad we moved when she was 2 months and not as affected by things haha. Now I'm terrified how our next PCS will go.

Korin Lopez said...

Good luck with your move! Did you live in Helemano? Your pictures remind me so much of our first house!

Jen said...

Good luck with everything and how exciting about buying a house!!! :) If ya need any tips feel free to message me we just bought our home in December. :)

Kim said...

Hoping everything goes smoothly for you! Sending lots of good thoughts your way! :)

Amanda said...

Ahhh... sending you extra thoughts! If you need anything once you get to Georgia, don't hesitate to ask. P.S. Our neighborhood has a couple of 3 to 4 bedroom houses for sale ;)