31 January, 2013


On Monday, my sweet little baby turned 10. months. old.

I say it all the time, but geez! Time seriously flies around here. For the PCS I wanted it to...but at the same time I didn't because I know it means my baby girl will get bigger faster. And that is something I can live without. ;-)

I mean, seriously. Look how big she is!!! Too big, in my opinion. {Although I'm sure her doctor would disagree with me. More on that later.}

Typical Charlotte. Ornery. Yet sweet. *sigh* What am I gonna do with this girl!?

What's the skinny on this skinny girl? Well...

She's 26.25 inches long. 13ish pounds. {Doctor isn't too happy about this. Oh, well. She eats!} She wears anywhere from 3 to 6, to 9 month clothes. She's getting harder to dress all the time. She wears some 3-6 month onesies, 3 month pants, some 6 month dresses, and 9 month sleepers. Translation? She's loooooooonnnnng and skinny. I'm okay with this, even though it makes shopping a little more difficult. But, hey, we're getting good use out of all her clothes!

Despite our current sleep struggles (or her sleep struggles, I should say), she's happy most of the time. She's completely mobile now, which is....interesting. Haha! I spend most of the day saying "No, Charlotte."Also, I refuse to baby proof my house just so I'm not telling her "no" all the time. Some things will be done [when we move] so she doesn't hurt herself, but the rest? We will be saying "no." I think we can all handle it. And really, she's doing well so far.

She eats a ton of food, despite her weight gain [or lack thereof]. She loves to eat! I don't know where she gets that... ;-) She's pretty good at feeding herself now, although she still gets some pureed stuff. That's mainly so I know she's getting enough food. Otherwise, I probably wouldn't bother with it at this point. She nurses 4-5 times a day, something for which I'm thankful! I'm so glad I stuck out her nursing strike back in December. Breastfeeding was literally a godsend while we were flying over the holidays. And I'm sure it will be again when we PCS! Nothing like a boob to calm a baby. ;-) LOL

What else is going on...? She talks almost non-stop, in her own little language. I hear, "mamamamama" a whole lot more than I used to! Mostly when she's done eating or ready to get up from a nap. She still says "dada," but I think she's learned the association because she doesn't say it much when Joe's not home. Sometimes in the morning {especially after the weekend, when she expects to see him}, but not much other than that. She is experimenting with lots of other sounds, too. Things like ba, ga, duh, duck, boog... All kinds of things! It's kinda crazy. I swear she says "boogie!" a lot, haha!

Oh, and big news! She got her first tooth last week! It's super hard to see unless she's smiling really big, but it's there. I, for one, was not excited about teeth coming in {for obvious reasons}. But it's here now and not going anywhere! I think the one next to it is trying to come in as well. Yaaaaay. Thankfully it's on the bottom, but still. Teeth kinda hurt. 

For now, she's pretty much a mama's girl. I'm sure it'll change at some point, but I'm okay with it. It's not always easy when you're the only one at home....but we deal with it well enough. And, really? Who turns away extra baby snuggles?! =)

That face. *dies*

See...this is the ornery I'm talking about!

Ah, my bean, you're growing up! Getting so big...and getting into everything! Even though I hate seeing you get so big, I wouldn't change a thing. I love being home with you, watching you play and grow and change. It's exciting! Mama and Daddy love you sooooo much, Little Bean! {We just wish you'd stop growing so fast! ;-)}

Muah! :*


Chantal said...

That baby! What a sweetie. I wish I could meet her! And man, she is tiny. You'd think Penny is HUGE compared to her hahaha. But it's ok to be tiny too!

Teeth are awesome! Penny as 11 now...

Jen said...

oh my goodness she is so big! Seriously a cutie pie. :)

Katie said...

Her first tooth!! Aww! She is too adorable. :)

Julie Lynn said...

She is so stinkin' cute!

jax from the harmon squad said...

She is so cute!! And you can totally see the mischievous-ness behind her eyes:) And as long as she's eating I wouldn't stress over her size; I was tiny as a baby/child and still am today. Like, I think I wore size 3 diapers as a two year old. Some people are just petite.

Kim said...

What a sweet face! So cute!