10 November, 2012

Attitude of Gratitude: Day 9

Oh, today was a good day! I may have mentioned before that my sweet friend, Mrs. C, was about to have her baby. Well, the little miss arrived Wednesday night and I got to see her today! {Mrs. C got a pic, but I didn't because 1) I forgot my camera and 2) I was too busy snuggling anyway. :)}

So what am I thankful for today? Lots of things.

We'll start with the good friend I have in Mrs. C. I already posted that the other day, but I feel thankful for it again today. I'm so happy for her and her little family!

Hearing a little snippet of her birth story, I'm thankful for Charlotte's easy birth.

Mrs. C was also induced, but she had a much more difficult time. Hearing her story made me a gazillion times more thankful that I had basically no problems giving birth to Charlotte. She had a minor bout of jaundice while we were in the hospital, but that was it. I didn't tear. I was dilated 2cm and 50% effaced when I walked in the door. I only got pitocin at the very end of labor. My total labor time was about 12 hrs. Charlotte was 5 lbs {read: pretty tiny and therefore easier to birth}. Despite her weight, she was perfectly healthy {except for the aforementioned jaundice}. We had it good

I know all birth experiences are different {and all that really matters at the end is a healthy mama and baby}, but knowing that other women have had much more difficult births makes me all the more thankful that Charlotte's was easy and wonderful.

See? Look how awesome I look just a little while after birth! =P
Don't let the pic fool you...I was exhausted.

What are you thankful for today?


Chantal said...

That's a good thing to be thankful for!

Nicole said...

I'm thankful for a quiet house tonight!
Hope you will link up at Sunday Gratitude Link Up! I love your month of gratitude posts and would love for you to share them with my readers :)


Jamie said...

I am thankful for my latte this morning. We are all sitting in the living room just hanging out as a family. Good times :)