07 November, 2012

Attitude of Gratitude: Day 6

Oy vey. Today was one heck of a day!

Charlotte fought her first nap of the day, which is usually one of her best naps. One of the reasons I'm in love with BabyWise is because the whole routine things usually helps with the napping. Most BabyWise babies (at least ones that I know) go down for naps super easy - no fight at all. Anyway, I had a fight on my hands this morning.

Then she was whiny throughout the day. Lord help me... This whining is killing me! I know it's a phase, but glory be! She's driving me bananas.

On top of everything else (and the election...I let it get to me far more than I should have), Charlotte wouldn't nurse this evening. =( Complete, 100% refusal of mama. She wouldn't even take milk from a bottle or sippy cup! She took her evening solids just fine, but no milk. Do I have to tell you that it totally broke my heart? Seriously. I was in tears up until a few minutes before writing this. She's been refusing one side a lot lately, but usually I just assume she wasn't really hungry. Now? Ugh. I don't know. Obviously, I was totally ready for bedtime tonight. Which brings me to what I'm thankful for...


Yeah, that's right. I said it. On days like today, I'm thankful for bedtime. Even if she's fussy, she still goes down for the night pretty well. {Hope I'm not jinxing myself here...} Add it to the list of things I love about BabyWise. You AP/crunchy mamas may enjoy the snuggles of co-sleeping and all that jazz, but me? I love it when she goes down for the night and I get a break!

Here's to finding some good in every day - especially the not-so-good ones.

So what are you thankful for today?

Psst! Just curious... How many of you thought I'd say I'm thankful for the right to vote/something election related? Show of hands! Er...comments! 


Anna said...

Ah yes, bedtime. A lovely time of day. :)

I'm sorry she didn't want to nurse. :( I know that is a major heart breaker for mama. Harry did the same thing, he just all of a sudden stopped. I couldn't get him to latch at all around 5 months. I was so sad! Eden did better, but still weaned herself after 9 months. I would have gone longer with both of them, but there is no way to make a baby nurse who isn't being cooperative! Sorry, girl. :( I hope it is just a fluke!

Angie said...

Even when you know it is a phase, it is still so hard to get through. Hang in there!

There are a few days where I am very happy to see bed time roll around for my daughter. I love her to pieces, but those days I definitely need a bit of time to myself.

Jenn said...

The whiny phase is still in full force here.... two years later.... (I am flabbergasted that I made it to naptime without locking myself in a closet. No joke.)

Chantal said...

1. Can't stand the whining either.
2. Is she teething? Seems that is a reason to refuse to nurse because the sucking hurts.
3. Bedtime is my favorite part of the day! lol

Heather said...

Is she teething or have an ear infection? usually BF babies don't get ear infections but it happened to me, so you might give that a whirl if she isn't back on the breast! Love your blog!!!