05 November, 2012

31 Days of Breastfeeding: Out of the House

Did you think I'd forgotten about this series?! I haven't! I was planning on doing this post on Halloween, but I just never got to it. Whoops. But here I am today, back with an exciting post on everyone's favorite topic...

Breastfeeding in Public

First, let me say that if you're one of those people who gets their panties in a wad about someone whipping out a boob in public and feeding their baby, you might just wanna check out now. So, on to the post.

All of us breastfeeding mamas know it's not always possible to feed our little ones a bottle in public {mine currently won't take one}. Nor is it always possible to feed them and then leave the house. Sometimes, a baby's gotta eat when we're out and about. And there's really not much we can do about that. It may not be the best situation, but you deal with it. The question for most breastfeeding newbies is: How do I breastfeed in public without showing all my goods?!

1. Use a nursing cover!

They're not the best things in the world, but with a little finagling they do work! Slip it over your head, grab your kiddo (or vice versa), lift/pull down your shirt, unhook the bra and feed your baby! Simple as that.

Ok. Well, unless your kiddo is a few days/weeks old and you're still learning how to breastfeed. Personally, I was a complete wreck trying to use the nursing cover the first several times I had to feed Charlotte when we were out. It wasn't pretty!

2. Use a baby carrier!

Believe it or not, you can breastfeed while wearing the baby. I personally have not done this, but I've seen many pics - and a few tutorials! - of women wearing their babies while nursing. Ergo, Moby, slings... 

Source: youtube.com via Sarah on Pinterest

You can check out my Pinterest board for another video on nursing in the Ergo. :)

3. Find a comfy, secluded location.

If you're out shopping, you can always take a break in a fitting room! I know a few people who do that and I gotta say that's a fantastic idea! I've never done it, oddly enough. Charlotte is usually happy while we're out shopping. And if not, I usually feed her in the car. Except for a couple times, I've fed her in the car without ever seeing people near us! And I didn't need to use a cover or anything. Just me and her chillin' out in the car.

I'm just gonna say this one time.... Please don't EVER let someone convince or force you into feeding your sweet baby in a bathroom! Public restrooms are just about the grossest place ever... Unless they have a specific nursing area in the bathroom,  don't do it!

4. Wear breastfeeding-friendly shirts and tank tops.

These days, I'm a little on the obsessed side about my nursing shirts and tank tops. I always want more of them! Especially since I know we'll be flying next month and missy will be needing to nurse during our travels. And, as you can see above, I'm not one for hiding out in the bathroom. Blech

My favorite nursing shirts are from Motherhood. I try to find them on sale when I can, but they're always expensive. *sigh* But I love the ones that you can just pull down. So much easier than lifting! Plus, there's nothing for your little one to grab and yank while s/he's feeding. {Please tell me someone else's baby does that!}

I actually sleep in tank tops like this:

Source: r.ebay.com via Sarah on Pinterest

I have never worn one of these out in public. I'm sorta particular in the whole wearing a bra in public thing. =P Haha! Even though Charlotte doesn't eat during the night, I still wear them to bed. It makes pumping at night and breastfeeding first thing in the morning super easy!

I have one of these nifty little things from Undercover Mama on my Christmas list (it'll probably end up being a Christmas gift to myself, though):

I love that it just hooks on to your bra and then voila! a nursing tank top! And you're not flashing anyone when you raise your shirt! Trust me when I say that even while using a cover sometimes someone sees a little skin. 

There you have it. A little how-to for nursing in public. It's not always easy or comfortable, but that's all part of the job, right?! 

And remember, no matter how many looks you get or how many times your kiddo kicks the nursing cover...

What are your tips for nursing in public?


AbbeyG said...

Love this whole post :) It was so refreshing not to hear, "It's okay to nurse in public..ONLY if you wear a cover!" There are many different ways to nurse in public, and if baby is getting milk, and mama feels comfortable, that's all that matters.

I love reading this series by the way! :)

Heather said...

I remember sitting in the MIDDLE of the PX "mall" area nursing my youngest. And I have used the fitting rooms MANY times ;)

I ALWAYS wore a maternity camisole (from Target or Motherhood) under my shirt - it is stretchy enough to just pull down.

And I have nursed on a plane - between 2 MEN (and total strangers).

I have a few Motherhood nursing tops in my closet... email me :)

Chantal said...

I usually just nurse in the car, since these days Penny gets so distracted. But I've done it in a doctor's office, restaurants... doesn't bother me!

heather said...

i always wear a tank top under m shirts since i dont like my stomach showing while im nursing. i wear the top like the black tank you showed. i got some from walmart and then 2 cute ones with buttons doen the front but the snap latch from target. they are great for layering and i am kinda obsessed with buying nursing clothes too..