18 September, 2012

Living & Active Update

Last week was my first week of the Living & Active 5 week challenge. If you missed my first post on it, the goal is to work out 4 times a week and keep up with a Bible study. I thought it was going to be really hard, but it went so much better than I thought it would!


Anna, Melissa and I started a private FB group where we can keep each other accountable and pray for each other. It's really great! Every day we post things we found in our Bible study and what we've done to exercise (or not). We talk about our struggles and even other things going on in our lives. I really wish we'd done this sooner! Today, we posted some "before" pictures. I'm going to share mine here because I can use all the extra accountability I can get!

Yup... That's me. 5 months postpartum and still only around 15 pounds down. I feel certain that I gained weight after she was born because I ditched the GD diet. And, well, I really missed ice cream. That's all I'm gonna say about that. Like most women, I really miss my pre-pregnancy body! (Thankful for the baby, but not the extra weight!)

Last week I exercised 4 days! That's a big step for me considering it's been one day here and there for the last 5 months. I did a postpartum bootcamp DVD twice and then one of my favorite pilates videos twice. The bootcamp DVD is HARD! I know it'll be worth it, but some days I just wanna quit right in the middle of it. I've loved pilates for a while, so at least I can actually look forward to that workout.

I'm currently doing TWO Bible studies. This from the girl who has struggled keeping up with one for forever!!! The first one I'm doing is a #SheReadsTruth study. I love those girls, the accountability and the online community! They actually make it fun to do one...which is what I need. =) 

The second one I'm doing is called Setting the Captives Free. It's also an online study, but it's way more in depth and focused on certain sins. Mine, for example, is overeating. Overeating IS a sin because we're replacing a deeper relationship with God with food. Our bodies and souls are meant to crave Him, but we often feed it with food instead. The biggest thing I'm trying to grasp right now is that God doesn't want us to deprive ourselves of any particular foods. He wants us to have it all! He just doesn't want us to overeat or try and replace Him with it. I keep finding myself thinking "no, I can't have that. No, I can't have this." God doesn't want us to follow a diet plan... It's hard to get away from! I keep thinking in calories or carbs when I don't need to! But I do need to really listen to my body and know when I'm actually hungry and not just bored. Food isn't the problem here (or even certain foods); indulging, especially overindulging, IS the problem.

The Bible studies have been really key for me thus far. It's encouraging me and it's teaching me a whole new way of thinking. This is a really good thing. I'm tired of having to follow a certain diet's rules. I'm tired of being told (and believing) that Food X is bad for me. In reality, no food is bad for me! {Unless you have an allergy or medical condition that really keeps you from eating something, of course.}

Even though I'm not losing weight (yet), I'm still really glad I decided to take part in this 5 week challenge. I know that by the end I won't have just done a diet or kept up with a certain routine, I will have a lifestyle change and that is more important than any diet or workout regimen!


Anna said...

Hear, hear! Well said! :)

Jen said...

This is a great challenge and good for you for doing it! :)

heather said...

losing weight after baby is hard. with my first it too 9 months to get to my pre pregnancy weight, and i was on diet pills. this time i want it all gone by thanksgiving. i haven't taken my before picture yet. i need to. im awaiting a package to come in the mail that has my insanity dvd in it. im going to take one before i start that. ive been counting calories since labor day. im down about 9 lbs(20 more to go) but i need to work out more then 2-4 times a week, and thats counting going for hr long walks lol.. nursing and eating a little better took 30 lbs off in the first 4 weeks. but i so get what your saying about eating what you missed. i missed deli sandwiches and tuna, so i have been eating it like crazy..

keep up the great work. i look forward to an update on how it is all going.

Chantal said...

Keep it up!

❈ Annie - Blonde Glambition ❈ said...

Things sounds like a fantastic challenge! I know life is super busy for you now and it's probably hard to carve out time for yourself, so I'm really proud of you!!! Keep up the great work :) Miss you!

Anonymous said...

Good for you! Be encouraged in your endeavors and focus. As a mom of 4 children(20,18,15,14) I can tell you how much HARDER it is to loose weight once the years have past. At 47 I need to work twice as hard for half to result. it is my own doing simply because i chose not to take care of myself post babies! Granted I had them kinda close and they were all c-sections 0_0...no flat tummy is ever making it's way around here...but if I would have focused at 34(after my last baby) then I would have been MUCH better off as mid life creeps up on me :0)! So, I will join you in losing the baby weight---even if my baby just turned 14 this summer! Have a GREAT week, stay focused; stay strong! Visiting from Peak313 link-up!

Joyfulmom said...

It sounds like you are off to a great start. May God continue to bless your journey and give you victory. I know all about the SIN of overeating and have done the Setting Captives Free bible study. I am thinking of picking it up again. It is a daily surrender to stay on the straight and narrow. You can do all things through Christ!

Congrats on your new little one-Adorable!