03 September, 2012

Almost Half a Year

That's how long our baby girl has been here. It's flown right by me!! And of course, I'm late getting this post up. That's life for ya! Last Tuesday, our sweet little bean turned 5 months old!!!

Love that sweet face!!

Little Bean, I know I keep saying it, but I can't believe you're already almost half a year old! It honestly seems crazy to me that in no time you'll be walking and talking. You are so much fun to be around!! You "talk" a lot! In fact, when I told Bossie this, she said she hopes you talk Daddy's ear off! I feel certain that you are going to do just that! =) You've found your feet recently, and I see you grabbing them all the time! I've actually found your socks off in your crib after a nap...and one of them always seems to have been in your mouth. Silly girl. You're still rolling over, but not as much. I guess you don't think it's cool anymore? You're teething like crazy lately, and I hope you feel better - or a tooth pops through - soon! Your favorite toy that's not actually a toy is Mommy's iPhone. I can't even send a text while holding you without you grabbing it! You like your exersaucer and I think you're starting to get the hang of the jumper we bought you. You're getting so big and doing so many fun - and funny - things! We love you so, so much, little bean. 

Smiles are always for Daddy. =)

At her last doctor's appointment, little missy weighed in at 10lbs 8oz. Do you understand her nickname now?! She's so little! I feel certain she's gained at least a few more ounces since then, if not a pound. I've been taking fenugreek to help with my milk supply, so I'm sure she's getting more than she was before. She's in size 2 diapers now, although they're a bit loose and we have to overlap the tabs so it'll stay on her teeny little waist! She's wearing 3 month onesies, 3-6 month sleepers, and newborn or 0-3 month pants. =P In fact, the outfit she's wearing in these photos is a newborn outfit! So basically, we have all kinds of sizes in her wardrobe. I've put some things away just because I was tired of seeing them. LOL

She is still sleeping through the night like a champ! She's always been a pretty good sleeper, especially at night. I'd like to attribute this to the fact that she was born at 5am, but who really knows if that makes a difference? Also, I like to believe that BabyWise has a lot to do with it. I'm a believer - and huge fan - of BabyWise. Clearly. Getting sleep at night is pretty much the best thing ever - for both of us. 

I love, love, love this photo. Aaaah, so cute!

Daytime sleep has been rough lately. She's going through a transition phase and teething at the same time. She's been fighting 1-2 naps a day and I can't figure out what the heck to do about it. So we're just powering through, waiting for this phase to end! She's still eating about 5 times a day, sometimes more, sometimes less depending on the day. I think she's about ready for a 4 hour schedule, but it's hard to tell with all the nap-fighting and teething going on. Sigh. We'll get there! I also feel like I should mention that I'm still exclusively breastfeeding and loving it! 

As I said before, grabbing feet is her new favorite activity. =P She's also trying very hard to sit up. She barely lets me hold her like a baby (think cradle position) anymore! She always leans forward. Crazy girl. She's sat up completely unassisted for about 1 minute a couple times in the past week. She really wants it! She was rolling over from tummy to back a lot there for a while, but for some reason she doesn't do it much anymore. She's rolled from back to tummy once, but I think that was kind of a fluke. She was in her crib, and she moves around a lot while she's in there. I really don't think she was trying to. Oh, she also really likes to watch Jasper now. Anytime he's up and around, her eyes are on him. So funny!

She's getting quite the little personality, too. She knows exactly what she wants and doesn't want. Put her down to play and she'll fuss because she doesn't want that toy. (Or to be put down. Either one.) Put her on the changing pad before nap time and more often than not, she'll fuss because she knows what's coming. My favorite little thing she's started doing recently happens while she nurses. She'll eat for a while and then she'll pull back, look up at me with the sweetest little face and just smile. And then when I tell her she needs to eat, she'll smile bigger, turn her head and go back for more. Oh my gosh... I just love it! Of course there are times when it gets frustrating, but it's just so stinkin' sweet! I wish I could take an appropriate photo when she does that. Of course, she'd probably just reach for my phone and ruin the photo though. Haha!

She can be quite the little handful sometimes but, oh, I just love that little girl! And that face! I mean, how could you not?! She's so gonna have Daddy wrapped around her finger when she's a bit older... Haha!

Be sure to check back in tomorrow - I have something pretty awesome in store for my readers! {*cough* giveaway *cough*} ;-)


Chantal said...

How cute!! I can't believe it's been 5 months already! Penny started sitting up right after 5 months, so I bet she's not far behind.

And man, is she tiny. Seriously, Penny was like twice her size at that age. Pudgers. :P

Jen said...

She is just too cute for words!!!

Jenn said...

So sweet!!

Angi said...

Your little miss is so cute!! I love all her facial expressions! And that outfit she has on is adorable.