28 August, 2012


Here I am, linking up with Taingamala for InstaTuesday again! I really just can't resist the opportunity to participate and share all my cute photos of my daughter with you. =)

Thanks to Google, I found out that you don't find Chuck Norris, he finds you. ;-)
{It should be noted that my hubby loves Chuck Norris jokes.}

Joe came home for lunch one day last week and it just happened that Charlotte was awake.
They had a good time hanging out on the couch, watching Star Trek.

We got Charlotte a little teething, crinkly book. She seriously loves this thing!

My new favorite obsession is vintage pyrex. I didn't even know anyone had/sold it anymore!
My nana used to have bowls like the ones in the bottom pictures and I always loved them.

I decided I'd buy these beauties from Etsy. I can't wait until they get here!!

One of the joys of running errands on post: humvees and convoys.

Got this awesome package full of Japanese goodies from Jes!

Another attempt at conquering the French braid. It's really hard to do your own hair!

Joe picked up some new uniforms Saturday!! Very soon we'll have an E5 in the house!
I'm so proud of my hubby. =)

Tried to get a shot of her in this cute outfit Sunday and she decided she'd rather watch Jasper play.
Still turned out to be a cute photo, though!

Caught the end of her sweet, sweet smile yesterday after a day of rough teething.

Hope you enjoyed a peek at our week/weekend! Tomorrow I'll be hosting the first day of a new linky party called Wednesday Walkabout with Chantal from Scattered Seashells, Jane from Taingamala and Jamie from Handling with Grace. Please stop by one of our blogs and check it out! We can't wait to get started and "party" with everyone! =)


Jane said...

Congratulations to Joe! That is so exciting! Your braids are getting better every time! It looks great. I LOVE the bowls you got from Etsy. They are so cute. I love the color you got. Awww Charlotte is so stinkin adorable like always! I love her watching Star Trek with Joe. lol Thanks for linking up! I can't wait for tomorrow!

Chantal said...

She is so cute! I can't wait for tomorrow either :D

Army Wife, Mommy Life said...

Congratulations to your husband for the promotion!
I'm following your blog and ig now. Your daughter is the cutest!! (:

Jen said...

I love the old pyrex!! My Mom had tons of those bowls. :)

jax from the harmon squad said...

I just have to say, I totally relate on the hair braiding thing. I am SO BAD at doing my own hair. Anyone else, no problem. Me, a hot mess. And of course I have all boys so I don't even get the pleasure of doing my daughter's hair... (although from what I've heard maybe that's a good thing since I avoid those fights) And congrats to Joe, promotions are so exciting!!

Janna Renee said...

I love meeting fellow MilSpouse bloggers, and I always meet the best ones through Jamie! Your little family is adorable!

blm said...

your munchkin is so precious! and congrats to your husband on his promotion. :)