07 August, 2012


Aloooooha! It's that time of the week again, folks!

You know...that time of the week when I show you my lovely Instagram photos and link up with Taingamala! =) Here we go...!

I love it when I find her all curled up in bed in the mornings, sucking on her thumb. It's the sweetest thing!

And this was us a little later hanging out on the couch watching TV in our pjs. I love cuddly mornings like that!!

I took this while she was nursing... I couldn't resist taking a photo of those sweet, gorgeous blue eyes looking up at me!

This happened on our way home from shopping Saturday. She was fussing like crazy in the backseat - which she never does. Turns out she had pulled her bow down over her eyes! And, yeah, she totally passed out with it like that too. We laughed uncontrollably when we found her like this!! =D We're awesome parents, y'all. LOL

This was my shopping haul! 4 shirts, 3 skirts (and a shirt for Joe, not pictured) all for $60! Old Navy clearance, for the win! Woo!

I decided I'd wear one of my new, super cute outfits to church Sunday. I am seriously in love with this skirt!!! Love, love, love. Best $7 I've ever spent.

My awesome friend, Annie, sent me this fabulous package full of Italian goodies. The only thing I've tried so far is the Kinder chocolate and ooooh was it good!! I can't wait to try the rest! =D I sure do miss having her nearby, but I can't say I don't like getting packages like this!

We finally got Charlotte a doorway jumper! I've been wanting to get her one for a few weeks, but couldn't find one cheap enough. This isn't exactly what I wanted, but it turned out that our neighbor had one her daughter used and she only wanted $5 for it. Um, sold! And so far the little miss is liking it! I'm hoping it'll help her use those legs and learn how to sit/stand on her own. 

So that's it!! Hope your week is off to a great start! We are trying to figure out our schedules as Joe has been put on the night shift for yet another training exercise this week. Thanks again, Army. *sigh*


Jane said...

She has the biggest most gorgeous eyes! I totally laughed at her pink bow blindfold haha! Poor thing. I LOVE all the clothes you got! And, $60?!? That's amazing. That would normally be like 2 shirts. Yummm those goodies look so good! Thanks for linking up!!

Jen said...

I love the picture of her sleeping! It's so cute. :)

Chantal said...

I love seeing photos of her! That headband is just funny.

Nikki said...

Your little girl is so so cute! Love the pic of the bow over her eyes. Priceless!

Found your blog through Janes link up!