09 August, 2012


I am far too excited about Joe's promotion and re-enlistment. You would think that I am the one getting these things, not my husband. But I'm excited because this means that we'll finally be able to get closer to home.

I'm trying to plan too far in advance... I've already started looking at possible homes to rent at our hopeful duty station. It's sad, really. I mean, the likelihood of any of the houses I'm seeing now being available in like 8 months is really low. I don't know why I'm even bothering. Plus, we've still got 8 months in Hawaii. Like I said, I think I'm too excited about this...

There are times lately when I miss my baby being so teeny. I mean, she's still pretty teeny for her age... Yet I still sometimes miss the days when she'd fall asleep nursing and I'd be able to cuddle her as long as I wanted to afterwards. I also sometimes miss cuddling after those late evening (think 9-10pm) feedings. She always fell asleep during that one and I got to do this before I went to bed. Sigh.

Going back to the I-plan-way-too-far-in-advance thing... I'm already trying to decide when we should start trying for baby #2. Don't worry, it won't be anytime soon. I know my body totally isn't ready to be pregnant again. And mentally, I'm not even sure I could handle it. My bestie is pregnant with #2 (hope you don't mind me sharing that! :)) and dealing with nausea and exhaustion, so from her experiences I really know I'm far from ready. But I'm thinking about it. Why? Because I stinkin' LOVE babies. I also love breastfeeding and I'm curious what it'll be like with a different, new baby. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm thinking way too far ahead!

Even with all of the "I don't want my baby to grow up" thoughts, I do love seeing all the new things she can do. I especially love the smiles, laughs and jibber-jabber. It's the most adorable thing in the world! 

Also, things like this make me proud:

Big girl trying out her new doorway jumper.

Look at those head-holding-up skills!

Chewing the fingers = teething. 
Not the most fun, but definitely a "big girl" thing!
(Note the slight smile behind those fingers. :))

Sometimes when I put this baby girl to bed, she smiles the biggest smiles. And most of the time, it makes me want to cry many tears of happiness. It's amazing how one sweet little smile can evoke so much emotion. I didn't know my heart could hold so much love!

{Is it obvious to anyone yet that I L-O-V-E, love being this girl's mommy?!}

I'm so glad I've [mostly] gotten back into the groove of blogging and commenting. Adjusting to this mom thing took longer than I expected, but it's made me appreciate all my bloggie friends! I still don't always comment, but I always read. And I definitely missed blogging and chatting with my commenters! Thankfully I'll always have Twitter when I'm not in the blogland.

I love Twitter. And Instagram. And my iPhone. {Is it weird to say that? Oh well.} Where would I be without them? Boredsville, that's where. ;-)

Do you have anything you'd like to confess? Don't worry, I won't tell anyone! 


Kate said...

Oh my goodness! I haven't been to your blog in over a year.. (I've been MIA from the blogging world for a while). But I just wanted to tell you how happy seeing your little girl makes me! I think the last post of yours I read was one you wrote about your preparations for your husband's homecoming! Looking forward to reading more

Katelyn (:

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

She is too cute!!! Just wait, those 8 months are going to fly by and you'll be back on the mainland!

Chantal said...

I miss those easy sleeping days too... and it just gets worse. Heck, I miss the days when she would nurse easily without trying to escape! Wiggle worm.

I've already started planning #2 haha. We don't want them too far apart, and while I'm not looking forward to the newborn stage of pure exhaustion with a toddler running around, I just have to get it over with ;) We're probably only having two kids anyway.

Optimistic Liz said...

The day I had my daughter I was like ya I can't wait to have another!! Haha! It's ok I do the same thing! It's nice to dream :)

Anna said...

It's okay because I am super wicked excited about you moving too! :) Can't wait to have you guys closer. And that sweet little bean! She is so precious - that face, oh my goodness. AdOrAbLe. :)

JG said...

I love her bracelet and bow and that you dress her up so girly! So cute!!

Ash Lucy said...

HI NEW FOLLOWER HERE! Love your blog! It's so cute!!! thanks for sharing!



Katie said...

Aww, y'all are too cute! And we all want you back on the east coast too!! :)

Bonnie H. said...

no shame in wanting to be close to family!

I have something on my blog for you.