30 July, 2012

SO Big!

On Saturday, our sweet little bean turned 4 months old! It's so hard to believe she's been here for 4 months already. Weren't we just bringing her home from the hospital a couple weeks ago???? Sigh.

Oh, sweet Charlotte, you are growing so fast! Getting bigger every day. Sometimes I want to stop it and make you stay little forever, but at the same time I love watching you grow. You are doing so many fun things - smiling, laughing, squealing, and lots of "talking!" You've been rolling over for a while now, but you can't roll back onto your tummy quite yet. I'm sure you'll get there, though! You are so much fun! You also like to hang out with your Daddy and make silly faces with him. You do it with me too sometimes, but I think you like doing it with him more. I'm okay with that. I love being home with you all the time and seeing all the new, fun things you do. Your daddy and I love you so, so much!

She hasn't had her 4 month checkup yet, so we're not quite sure how much she weighs. Joe thinks she weighs around 12 pounds. I'm inclined to agree with him since I'm really no good at these things. =) She's still in size 1 diapers, though I have a feeling that'll change soon. She's also still fitting into 0-3 month clothes, but those are getting a little snug. I pulled out her 3 month clothes a couple days ago and so far those are fitting well too! She has a little room to grow in them, though. Her waist is so tiny that even her 0-3 month pants/skirts are still too big. Sigh. This girl is a little string bean - long and lean!

She is sleeping through the night, as usual, in her crib. Just this month she started sleeping - wait for it - 12 hours a night! That is Babywise success, y'all! =) I can't even begin to describe what those first days of 8 hrs straight felt like. Ok, maybe I can: bliss. You just don't realize how much you've missed good sleep until you haven't had it in a while!

She takes about 4 naps a day, eating 4-5 times a day. She could probably go down to 4 feedings, but... I'm not so sure I'm ready for that yet. =P I know that sounds weird, but going down to 4 feedings makes me worry about my milk production. Some women can't produce enough if they don't have 5 feedings. Even now I'm pumping before I go to bed at night (after Charlotte is in bed for the night), so technically I'm doing 6 feedings. Anyway, I haven't decided I want to change anything yet, so I'm not going to!

My sweet smiling girl. ❤

She's still rolling over from belly to back, but like I said earlier, she can't go from back to belly yet. I've seen her trying a few times, but no luck yet! She has been squirming around when I put her on the floor, finding her way to different positions. It's only a matter of time! She's also still trying to sit up. Obviously she's a little small to really sit up, but she's working on it. 

I know I'm biased, but she's really a good little baby. Unless, of course, she misses a nap or is having a rough day. Everyone has rough days, though, and even the rough ones aren't unbearable anymore. I can definitely say those early postpartum hormones did not make those screamy baby moments any easier! 

Those eyes! That face! Love.

I love every day with this sweet, sweet baby. I'm one lucky momma to have her!


Heather said...

Be sure to save the 0-3 and 3 month shorts. If she is still a skinny minnie next summer they might fit! I have a pair of 0-3 shorts that my 17 month old can wear and they fit PERFECT! lol

Jen said...

She gets cuter with every new picture!

Marinewife1111 {Marcella} said...

She is the cutest thing!!

(as far as the milk production goes, just do what you feel is right!)

Anna said...

Aw, she is SO stinkin' cute! Her face is so precious. Beautiful eyes, and what a smile! I love hearing about all the little things she can do now. I remember with Eden being totally enthralled with every new thing. And holy awesome that she's sleeping 12 hours!!!!!! Yay for her and you! :)

Chantal said...

Such a cutie!! I'm reluctant to cut down some feedings too. It worries me! But I know Penny doesn't need to eat as often as she does.

JG said...

I love her laughing face! 4 months??? How has this happened???