20 July, 2012

Book Club Friday: Coming Home

Today I'm sharing one of my favorite books and linking up for Book Club Friday! =D

I read a lot (and a lot more now that Charlotte isn't a newborn anymore - yay!) so I thought I'd share a recent favorite today - Coming Home by Karen Kingsbury.*


Here's the synopsis from Amazon:

Coming Home is a novel about tremendous victory and unprecedented loss, a story of faith and a forever kind of love, love that will stay with you long after the last page. This stand-alone novel will serve as either a grand introduction or a beautiful conclusion in the saga of the Baxter Family. The Baxters make plans to come together for a summer lakeside reunion, a celebration like they haven't had in years. But before the big day, the unthinkable happens. As the Baxter Family rallies together, memories come to light in the grief-stricken hours of waiting and praying, memories that bring healing and hope during a time when otherwise darkness might have the final word. In a season that changes all of them, the brilliance of family love overshadows even the valley of heartache as the Baxters draw closer to God and each other. Along the way, secrets are revealed and the truth about the Baxter Family history is finally made known. Ultimately, in this portrait of family love, the Baxters cling to each other and to God's promise of forever.

In case you've never read any of Karen Kingsbury's books before, this is the last book in The Baxters series. I think I read before that there are 22 books in this series. 22! That's a lot of history with these characters. I thought it would be hard to read because of all the catching up, but it really wasn't. The Baxter family is in and out of a couple other series (like the Bailey Flanigan series), so you're sort of able to keep up. 

Anyway, this last book was phenomenal. I'm a huge fan of KK anyway, and this book was definitely up to par. It took a turn I wasn't really prepared for, and I shed many tears while reading. Honestly, though, that's not something new with her books! I read Coming Home in less than a week because I just couldn't stop reading it! I think that even if you haven't read the rest of the series she sums up the characters pretty well - describing their backgrounds and things that happened in their past. And when the whole family gets together... That's when things really get interesting. Her books are always hard to put down and this one is no exception. I encourage you to try out her books, even if you've never read Christian Fiction before. I promise you won't be disappointed!

*I received no compensation for this review. I just love this book and the author and wanted to share with my lovely readers!


Heather said...

I am currently reading a book by KK. I have never read any of her books before but so far I am a fan. I don't like reading books out of order in series so I have a stand alone book. I plan to get more of her books once I am done with this. Maybe I will start with the Baxter series :)

Katie said...

I haven't read one of her books in a long time. I liked the Baxter series-- didn't love the one with the actor in California. But this one might be nice to read!

Victoria said...

i keep meaning to add one of her books to my list;she sounds awesome!!

cute blog;happy weekend!

Chantal said...

It's so funny you read more now. I read more when she was a newborn!!

Heather said...

It must be an awesome series if you read all 22!!