13 June, 2012

Pray Together, Stay Together

If you've been in church longer than 5 minutes, I'm sure you've heard this common phrase. It also happens to be something Joe and I believe.

With all the junk going on in our lives lately, Joe and I have really been wanting to do a Bible study. Not just any study, and not just picking up the Bible and reading something. We both do better if we have a little bit of "homework" to do for a study, kind of like we did when we had premarital counseling. The problem is, we have no idea what study to do.

I've searched for studies on Amazon and a few other places, but we just can't seem to find anything worthwhile. That may be because we can't actually pick it up and thumb through it or it could be because we just don't know what we need. Either way, we could use a little help.

Source: google.com via Sarah on Pinterest

We'd really like to get into a good habit of reading the Bible and praying together. Not only will it be great for our marriage, it'll be good for Charlotte too. Since she's come into the world, we're realizing more and more how important it is that we have a good marriage and good relationship with God (not really in that order, though). If we're modeling good behavior for her now, when she's an itty bitty baby, it's going to be easier for us to do it when she's older. And when she gets to an age where she's able to understand and question, we're planning to do a family devotion time. =)

So have any of you done a bible/book study with your hubbies? If you have and you loved it, please share!

P.S. Thanks for all of your sweet comments on my last post about Mom drama. I hope you'll continue to say prayers for me in that area....I need it!


Rebekah said...

Oh, I've been thinking of doing a Bible study with Dylan when he comes home so I'll be interested to hear if you get any good responses about them!

Marinewife1111 {Marcella} said...

I know you said you wanted a bit of "homework" with your bible study and this didn't really have much, but my husband and I really enjoyed Night Light by James and Shirley Dobson.
Amazon link:

Lauren Akin said...

My husband and i have been looking to do one as well. I saw a book earlier today in a blog.. it was called: The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman. We are looking at exploring this together. If you do get some good responses I also would love to know them. Thank you and God Bless!


Jessica said...

THe Five Love Languages is GREAT! My hubby got the Five Love Languages book for men and I got the regular one, we each read separate but they have a workbook you do and then can talk about it together. It was great!
Also I have heard the Fireproof your Marriage is a good study to do, our old church back home did this right before we moved, so we weren't able to do it.
Another one we have read is the Love & Respect book this also comes with a workbook option as well! Both hubby and I loved the book!!
Hope you guys can find something you like!!

Kaylee said...

I echo what some of the other ladies said...Night Light is great, although not a lot of "homework". The Love & Respect book is awesome, and I think it would be great to do the study guide, and go through it together as a couple - my husband and I read it while he was deployed and we both got SO much out of it! The 5 Love Languages is also a good place to start. I'll see if I can think of any others...there are so many floating around out there...

H.B. said...

Kid you not, my husband and I JUST went to our local Christian book store and purchased a bible study. We chose to get "The Power of a Praying Wife" for me and "The Power of a Praying Husband" for him. We got both the books and the study guide as well. It also has a devotional but this is a pretty lengthy study so we decided to wait on that.

keebadders said...

My fiance and I are currently doing "Night Light" by Dobson together. We enjoy it, although it would be MUCH more applicable for a married couple. It includes daily thoughts and questions to discuss together.