21 May, 2012

Another First

A couple weeks ago, we decided we should probably give Charlotte her first bottle. "They" tell you not to give a breastfed baby a bottle until breastfeeding is well established. I felt like we were doing pretty good, and I was really kind of curious how she'd do with a bottle. Even though I have a Medela breast pump, I didn't have any nipples or rings or anything yet. So, we used what a good bloggie/twitter friend had given me - Tommy Tippee.

Source: toysrus.com via Sarah on Pinterest

Since this brand is supposed to be breastfeeding friendly, I had high hopes. I had Joe feed her the bottle because I read somewhere that babies who are breastfed take a bottle better from someone other than mom. It made sense to me because, well, she expects to get something else from me. ;-)

It started out sort of okay, but went quickly downhill as you can see by the flailing of arms. I think the main problem is just that the nipple was too big. I mean, geez, the thing covers her whole face! I also think that the milk came out pretty quick from it. She doesn't get it that fast from me, so I think it sorta freaked her out. She ate the whole thing, but it was definitely a struggle.

I had two doctor's appointments this week, {both for very different things} so I was hoping we could get her to take a bottle. You know, just in case.

Source: diapers.com via Sarah on Pinterest

The Medela nipples and rings I ordered {thanks again, Amazon!} finally came in and I was eager to see if these worked any better. They actually just revamped their nipples and made them more BF friendly. Anyway, I had Joe give her the bottle again and...

Don't you just love the shirtless Daddy and baby? =)

It was completely successful!! She didn't fuss a bit and seemed very happy with what she was getting. It still comes out way easier for her, but it doesn't just pour out like it seemed to with the Tommy Tippee bottle. Plus, look at the size difference! In case you didn't know, I have an itty bitty baby. I think she needs itty bitty bottles to match, don't you? ;-)

I actually left her for the very first time on Friday. I left her with Joe, who is really the only person I'd trust to leave her alone with right now. {Well, maybe other family members too, but they're not here.} I had an appointment at Tripler and we also had a farewell dinner to attend that evening. I didn't want to leave her, but I knew that two outings in one day would be a little bit much for her. So she stayed home with Daddy. According to him, she gobbled down lunch. This is the picture I got on my way home:

I'm thinking she had a good time with her daddy while I was gone. What do you think?


Southern Roots and Combat Boots said...

We had the same problem with the Tommie Tippie bottles! We bought like $100 worth and they were a no go...I was so upset. We ended up switching to Advent which she loves! We also tried the Medela but those too seemed to flow too fast. The hospital gave us our's though so maybe they were the old style you speak of:) So glad baby girl is doing well with it! She is just beautiful!!!!

Jen said...

I used both Tommie Tippie and the Medela bottles. Piglet had no issues with either. Maybe try the TT when she's a bit bigger? The bottles are so awesome because all their bottles and cups have interchangeable lids so you can use those bottles with their sippy cup tops!

Bethanne said...

She did! She had an awesome time with Dad. :D Great picture.

I admit, there's so much pressure to do it right, but I'm a firm believer in no-right-way. My daughter was in the NICU for a few days and had bottles first. It was either that or go hungry. It was a struggle to breastfeed her at first, but in reality it only took a week or so to get good at it. We've gone through all different kind of bottles with our five. It's true, though...with each kid we get less particular. Number five used Walmart brand and went back and forth from bottle to nursing with no problem. :D She's extremely flexible and easy going, I guess. She has to be with four older sibling!

Enjoy the bit of extra free time you get. :D

heather said...

i use the avent bottles with my first baby and i will do the same for the next. we also breast feed too so i understand how hard it can be to make them take a bottle. but just make sure the nipples are a size 1 for right now. maybe the bottles you were given were a bigger nipple size. that could be why it came out so fast. im glad she did better with the other bottle..

Marinewife1111 {Marcella} said...

Aww those pictures are too sweet!!

Jen said...

She is one happy girl, such a sweet picture!

Anna said...

SO glad she was able to adjust to the bottles! That will be a big help for you. And it's great that you were able to go out on your own! That was a hard step for me. Sounds like you guys are just moving right along, hitting all the right milestones along the way! :D

Courtney B said...

Oh my gosh... she is PRECIOUS! And it looks like she loved her daddy/daughter time :)