16 March, 2012

Socks. Rocked.

I haven't really talked about it that much on here, but before a few weeks ago I was very seriously freaking out about the lack of things we had for Charlotte. I made a mental decision not to purchase anything for her (other than a few clothes I couldn't resist) before my baby shower. After the shower, I pretty much went into full panic/nesting mode. If you couldn't tell. ;-) We still didn't have everything we needed for her - from clothes to high chair and a few things in between. Quite honestly, I was worried about where all the money was going to come from. In case you don't know, baby things are expensive! Not only are they expensive, but they are more expensive in Hawaii...just like everything else.

After my initial freak out and shopping spree (in which I was able to get all of the absolute necessities), my "real dad"/bio father/whatever you wanna call him sent me a message asking if we had everything we needed for Charlotte. I was honest and told him that while we had all the basics, there were still a couple things we'd like to have (a high chair and Ergo carrier) that we couldn't afford to get. I also told him that we didn't need them right away, so it wasn't the end of the world. Guys, he ordered them off my registry the same day. This is just amazing to me because not only did he spend like $200 on those things, he also bought us a Pac N Play and Exersaucer. And he gave us a decent amount of money for Christmas which I used to pay for fabric for her bedding. So basically, he's given us a lot. And I...am completely overwhelmed by this generosity.

Then, my bestie did a little shopping for me. First she went and got me some reasonably priced bibs, burp cloths, etc. She also went "shopping" in her own little girl's closet. All this stuff is coming to Hawaii with my MIL. I am beyond excited to get all the cute stuff from her! And I'm relieved that Charlotte will have more outfits. ;-)

A while back one of my bloggy/Twitter friends sent me a box of clothes, bottles and burp cloths for Charlotte. This was before my panic/nesting began, but I was still very thankful to get them!

Yesterday, another Twitter friend said she was going to go through her kids' baby clothes and send some to me. Then, my neighbor texted me telling me she found 2 seemingly new baby swings on someone's curb for trash day and picked them up. Only one of them ended up working, but I now have a baby swing. It doesn't have a power cord, but it does take batteries and I can order a cord from Amazon if I need to. So...this FREE baby swing is sitting in my house ready for my baby girl. (And, yes, I washed and cleaned the whole thing immediately. ;-)) Also, do you know how much these things cost?! This one is over $100 brand new! I paid $4 for batteries today. Four. Dollars.

This morning, my sweet friend Miranda (who also threw my baby shower) texted me to ask if I wanted some of her daughter's recently-outgrown clothes.

Seriously, y'all, I'm surprised I haven't broken down into tears by now. I can't believe how much God is blessing us through these amazing friends and family... And even through friends I've never even met!

I'm just gonna be honest with you - I'm convinced that all of this is because we recently started tithing again. We'd been in between churches for a while and had "gotten out of the habit" of tithing, for lack of a better excuse, I guess. Even after we joined the church we're at now, we didn't tithe for a while. And our finances took a hit because of it. Trust me, they did. But for the last few paychecks we've been faithful and obedient and God is blessing us because of it. Not only are we being blessed by amazing people, but for the first time in I-can't-tell-you-how-long we have extra money this month. Not a lot, but it's still extra. If that's not God's doing, I don't know what is because we haven't done anything different other than tithing.

And in just under two weeks, we'll receive the biggest blessing He's ever given us - our baby girl. I'm excited; I'm ready; and I'm very...humbled.

So, yeah. This is one of those {many} times in my life where God is very seriously rocking my socks off


heather said...

i don't know if they have these in hawaii but try consignment stores. i wanted everything new for our first kid and thats ok and understandable, however after a few months we started hitting those b/c lets face it clothes are more then half the price cheaper and so are toys. examples. i just bought a crawl through barn for baby #2. they also make them like front doors and kitchens, for about a 6 month old. new they run $80 i bought one that looks brand new but isn't, it had all it's pieces and works great for $18. they are worth a shot.

kets us know how you like the ergo. im getting one this time but you will get to try it out before i do since i am not due until aug... thats totally awesome that you got all those gifts, this is one very lucky and loved baby :)

Erin said...

That's awesome!! You are going to LOVE the ergo, by the way!

Steph said...

So awesome! I was convinced that buying all of our baby girl's stuff would leave us broke. My shower isn't for two weeks and all of the big stuff off my registry except one things has be been. Someone gave me a dresser full of baby girl clothes. It's amazing how blessed we've been also.

Best wishes!

Jen said...

How awesome is that swing, and for free!?! I'm so happy for you and all your blessings. And I can't wait to see that little girl's face. :)

Chantal said...

Oh I miss buying tons of things. But you know, once you have the baby you realize what you need and don't need. You know you won't need a high chair until like 6 months, right? :P

Jenn said...

I can't believe you got that swing FOR FREE! That is awesome! That is the one that I originally wanted for my son (I love the bright colors), but it was out of stock or something, so we got the ocean one. ANYWAYS, you're gonna want the power cord. I'm hoping the motor even cranks for Second Baby with how much we used it for my son. He SLEPT in the thing (while it was swinging) for the better part of the first three months of his life. Life. Saver. Glad you got one. :)

Elizabeth said...

Blessed beyond measure! So happy for you!

Jen said...

AWESOME!!! :) It is amazing how wonderful people really can be.

Sven & Trin said...

What a huge blessing! And I love that you believe it's due to your faithfulness with tithing. I'm totally with you! Even though it's only ten percent (that still seems like a lot) God is so faithful to bless us and provide when we are walking in His will. I just love it.
So glad things are all coming together!

Anna said...

So tickled for you guys! It is so exciting to see those last few things (needed or not) come together and help you feel more prepared. That little miss will know how much she is treasured!