29 March, 2012

Baby vs. Furbaby: Somewhere Over the Camo

While I'm in the hospital and home recovering/taking care of Miss Charlotte, I have a few people scheduled to blog for me. I hope you enjoy them while I'm away! Don't worry, I'll be back soon with stories and tons of photos of our little one! =)

Hello all you FINE readers of this here FINE blog. :)  I'm Amanda and I blog over at Somewhere Over the Camo.  I'm so excited to blog with y'all today while Sarah is off enjoying sweet baby Charlotte.  Welcome to the world little one, it's a grand and beautiful place!

I have a baby of my own you know... he is fabulous, hilarious, cute and the best company I could ever ask for...

He also has four legs, fur and drools a lot-- meet Piston.

As I sit here and ponder all the changes Sarah will go through when it comes to Charlotte versus her fur-baby, Jasper, I know that there are a few minor major differences between babies like Piston and Jasper and the real-deal-babies like Charlotte.

For example... 
  • Charlotte will have to go EVERYWHERE that Sarah goes.  Piston and Jasper, they get to stay home without adults before becoming teenagers.  
  • Charlotte will cry when she needs something.  Which is mildly similar to Piston at least.. except he barks too.  I'd expect to hear a bit more crying from Charlotte though.  
  • Charlotte will one day smile up at her Momma.  With Piston and Jasper, they always look like they could possibly maybe just a tad bit be smiling at you, but you never really know.  
  • Just like with smiling, one day Charlotte will start talking.  Unfortunately I don't think that will ever happen with Piston and Jasper.  
  • Charlotte gets to wear clothes everyday.  Cute ones too!  Piston and Jasper, not so much.  I don't know who would be more upset with me if I dressed Piston... Piston or my husband.  
  • Charlotte will have to have her diaper changed and her tummy full.  Which is exactly like dogs, except I have to hike down 3 flights of stairs to "change" Piston's "diaper" and I can just set a bowl of food and a bowl of water out and not have to prepare anything.
  • Charlotte may sometimes sleep in the same bed as Sarah.  But unlike Piston, she will not take up the whole bed.
Through everything though, Charlotte will make Sarah feel loved each and everyday, just like Piston does for me and countless other "kids" (real or furry) do for countless other Moms.  I can't wait to see and hear the amazing stories of Charlotte growing up... and once again, welcome to the world sweet one!


Chantal said...

What a cute post! I will say that my doggy helped prepare me for a baby. Now it's like having a toddler and a baby in the house, he's so needy :P

Jen said...

I absolutely love this post! I firmly believe that fur-babies are wonderful test for having a baby. My dog and cat are my babies and they have taught me so much.

Amanda said...

Thanks for letting me invade for the day! :) I hope that things are going lovely with you!