21 December, 2011

Twenty Four

How far along: 24 weeks {and almost 2 days}! 16 weeks to go! {Seriously, this is flying by! Probably only because I'm in the 2nd trimester and feeling good.}

Weight gain/loss: About 19 lbs so far. Still not so sure how I feel about this.

Body changes: Not too much really... I've noticed maybe a couple more stretch marks. And my belly is definitely getting bigger. See for yourself!

Gender: It's a girl!

Movement: Still lots of it. =) She loves to hang out down low and kick my bladder. {Seriously, when we had my appointment on Friday, the midwife had to use the tiny doppler attachment to find her heartbeat. Silly girl!} And those kicks are getting harder every day!

Sleep: Well, since we flew from Monday afternoon through Tuesday morning....not much. And now that we're at my SIL's house, I'm still adjusting. It's been better lately, but I'm sure I won't sleep great the next few weeks being in a different bed and not having my preggo pillow.

What I'm looking forward to: Christmas with family, of course!

What I miss: Without hesitation, sleeping on my stomach. I sort of attempted it yesterday when I laid down for a nap... I guess I was so tired I forgot there was a soccer ball where my mostly flat tummy used to be? Lol!

Cravings: Ice cream, cookies...lots of sweet things.

Symptoms: Holy back pain, Batman. And hip pain. I also have been feeling rather large today. My belly just feels really heavy for some reason. Oh, I know! 'Cause there's a kicky, squirmy baby in there! ;-)

Best moment this week: Seeing family again and staying with my SIL, her hubby, and two sweet kiddos. =) 

For fun, I'll say that the absolute worst moment this week was flying 15+ hours while 24 weeks pregnant. I don't recommend flying to the east coast from HI {or vice versa, really} while this pregnant. My back hurt most of the way and I didn't get comfortable enough to rest much. While the dramamine kept the nausea away, it did not help me sleep. Sad.

I wanted to share some photos of my cutie pie niece and nephew, but the camera and my phone {both of which hold photos I've taken today} are out of reach and I don't feel like moving right now to get them. {Spoken like a true preggo, right?!} So you'll just have to wait until next time!

Hope y'all are having a great week!


Chantal said...

You should consider seeing a chiropractor. I started seeing our guy at about 34 weeks and it helped my back soooo much!

Optimistic Liz said...

my daughter hung out really low in my belly too. I ended up buying a belly belt to hold her up! My hips started to pop and it was hard to walk for long periods of time..and by long I mean 10 minutes. The belt helped me out a ton! they are kinda pricey (around 35) but if it helps then its worth it, I think.
I never thought about a Chiropractor..I am keeping that in mind for my next pregnancy.
good luck with the pain and hopefully you find something that works :) Merry Christmas

Jen said...

You look so cute!!! :)