30 November, 2011

Twenty One

How far along: 21 weeks! Just a little over halfway there. =)

Weight gain/loss: Um... Last I checked it was 13 pounds.

Body changes: Just the growing belly... Although, I did go to Motherhood this past weekend for a bra fitting {you know, 'cause those are growing too} and come to find out I have doubled in size since getting pregnant. Doubled. Sigh.

Please excuse the lack of makeup and attention to my hair.

Gender: It's a GIRL!! =)

Movement: Lots, lots more these days. Sometimes I can even feel her kick when I'm up and moving around, which is a new development. For the most part, little Miss Charlotte thinks it's cool to kick, punch and jump on my bladder. That, my friends, is not cool. I love her tiny little feet and hands but I sure wish she'd leave my bladder alone. =P

Sleep: Meh. It depends on the night, really. Between creepy dreams, getting up to go to the bathroom and waking up to roll over, I don't always get a good night's sleep. But I do sleep in between, so there's that.

What I'm looking forward to: Going home to see family next month!! We bought our plane tickets yesterday. While that process tires me out, it got me excited about seeing family. Not to mention I get to eat Chick-Fil-A and shop at Hobby Lobby! =D

What I miss: Sleeping on my stomach, sleeping through the night {oh, the irony...}, not getting heartburn regularly... Oh and having a working brain. Ha!

Cravings: At this point...anything sweet.

Symptoms: Mostly just heartburn. I have some round ligament pain occasionally, but it's not so bad right now.

Best moment this week: How to choose? Hosting Thanksgiving was fun, as was hanging out with my hubby for 4 straight days... Then today I "found" the lost memory card that wasn't. Funny story, really. Last night I was up blogging and picking out our Christmas card. I had uploaded some photos, took the memory card out of my computer and set it on top of the camera...on the couch. At some point, I moved and everything on the couch shifted. The memory card was nowhere to be found. I gave up the search until the morning...which turned into this afternoon when I remembered I needed to look for it. =P I searched under the couch, pulled up the cushions...nothing. Finally I resorted to the {ancient} 512MB card. I grabbed my camera to put in the card and whaddaya know?! The memory card was there all along. Sigh.

And then we got our first baby gift from my bio dad {yeah, I don't talk about him much...don't feel out of the loop}! Miss Charlotte now has a Pack N Play!! Which she won't be able to use for about 5 more months, but that's ok!

Joe already wants to put it together. =) I'm inclined to let him but at the same time, do we really need to put it together right now? Meh. We'll probably do it anyway. That's our prerogative, right?!

P.S. Stay tuned for a crafty giveaway this week!


Tami said...

Yay- you are over halfway there! So sorry about the heartburn! I had it too and nothing helped! You look great!

The McGriff's said...

I enjoy reading your weekly bump dates! And my midwife said ICE CREAM was good for heartburn. Yep, she totally gave me an excuse to eat more ice cream. However, I am paying for it now ;)

Mattie said...

Congrats on your little girl! I love these "progress report" blogs... and can't wait to hear about the last 19 weeks!

Chantal said...

I set up the pack n play as soon as we got it! It's actually set up in our bedroom and has been for a month now lol. We wanted the kitty to get used to it, though.

Rebecca said...

I loved reading your update. :) Something else you have to look forward to: every pregnancy is different, lol. I'm a tummy sleeper too, so I completely understand your pain. ;) And I am SO stinkin- excited to get to see you guys next month when yall are here!!!

Sven & Trin said...

Oh dear, my Little is five months old and I'm still waiting for my working brain to return...
I hope you're feeling well!

Shellie Stephens said...

I've been following your blog for a while, but just now getting back into my blog! I love the questions and I wanted to use them, I am going to say your blog was where I got it from, so you can have some credit :) Conrats on being pregnant! even though im late!