29 November, 2011


I figured since Thanksgiving was almost 5 days ago I might want to post about it. =P

We had a really great Thanksgiving this year. I was really excited that Joe was home with me this year. It's amazing how completely different everything is when your husband is deployed. I really felt like I could enjoy myself this year. So, I decided I'd host Thanksgiving...20 weeks pregnant. =P

We were planning a Thanksgiving lunch, so we got up at 0700 and put the turkey in the oven. Not without issues, though. It's the first turkey I've ever made, so I guess I should have been prepared to have a problem with something. Fortunately it wasn't a huge problem; we just couldn't get the darn wire from around the legs. I ended up calling my Nana because, well, she's made a bazillion turkeys in her lifetime. She's far wiser than I when it comes to cooking. I think she enjoyed me calling to ask how to get the wire off...she had a great laugh at our expense. =P And after her instruction, we {read: Joe} got the wire off in no time, buttered it, seasoned it and popped it in the oven. I was still worried about it though.

I had planned to make cinnamon rolls for breakfast, but I forgot that I wouldn't be able to cook anything else in our oven after the turkey was in there. Oops. So we had a lovely breakfast of cereal while we awaited turkey dinner. We watched the Macy's parade for a while before we started getting the house {and ourselves} ready for the day. If nothing else, the house looked really nice..in my opinion. =P

The table all ready for our guests!

Dessert table in the kitchen...awaiting more desserts.

Sadly, these are all the pictures I took of the kitchen, food, etc. I took a couple of desserts after the fact, but none during. Actually none of us took any pictures. There were 3 bloggers in this house on Turkey Day and not one of us took a single photo!! For shame. ;-) I'm going to say we didn't take pictures because we were having too much fun and digging in on the good food. I did manage to get a shot of our lunch menu:

I was so nervous about how the turkey would turn out... Like my awesome hubby said, I shouldn't have worried so much. It turned out far better than I expected it to! It didn't look that great, but it tasted very good. I think it would have made my Nana proud...as would the mashed potatoes I made that were gone by round 1 of lunch. ;-) I now understand why she made so many - they don't last long! Jennifer was a big help and brought the green beans, salad and rolls. It was a relief not to have to do everything.

For dessert, I made a chocolate pecan pie {first pie and first pecan pie ever}. 

Annie brought some delish red velvet cupcakes, apple pie {with ice cream}, and pumpkin pie. I really don't think we had enough options for lunch or dessert. Do you? ;-) By the time we were finished eating, I think we all could have used a nap. Well...I could have, anyway!

One of Annie's yummy cupcakes. Mmmm.

It wasn't the Thanksgiving I'm used to having with family, but it was definitely a great one. I'm thankful that I was able to spend it with my hubby and good friends this year. And next year I won't have to worry so much about making a turkey! We rounded out our 4 day weekend with a tiny bit of Black Friday shopping, Saturday tree decorating, and Sunday dinner with our good friends, Mr. & Mrs. C. =)

I hope y'all had a great Thanksgiving weekend as well! 

P.S. Stay tuned for a super fun, crafty giveaway this week! 

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Skinnie Piggie said...

Two thanksgivings down and I still haven't made the turkey... I'm always the friend that say "oh, I'll bring green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole, dessert...." to get out of the turkey! I did host Christmas dinner and make the ham though. Something about turkey just throws me off.