03 November, 2011


How far along: 17 weeks!

Weight gain/loss: Somewhere around 5 pounds. I don't weigh myself every day. =P

Body changes: Just the growing belly and "girls!" I haven't noticed any stretch marks...yet.

Gender: Don't know yet, but we find out in 15 days!!! I'm going to post a poll on the right side of my blog so y'all can vote on what you think Baby is. =) Start voting!

Movement: I've been noticing a bit more the last couple of days! In church Sunday I got kicked 3 times. =) Yesterday morning after I did preggo yoga (thanks, Netflix!), I got a couple kicks too. Oh, and I'm fairly certain Baby woke up at 5am with Joe this morning and did jumping jacks on my bladder. Not cool, kiddo.

Sleep: Some nights good, some nights bad. A couple nights ago I woke up every two hours. Around 2am I got irritated and thought "I don't have a newborn yet!" Haha =) I probably need to get a pregnancy pillow or body pillow. I'm fairly certain that's part of the reason I'm having issues sleeping.

What I'm looking forward to: The ultrasound in 15 days!! And shopping for cute baby things. I've been holding back, but after the 17th I don't think I'll be able to anymore.

Cravings: About the same... Still loving the sour candy. I've also been craving a lot of spicy foods lately. Oh and Cocoa Puffs. No lie. Before last week, I probably hadn't had them in YEARS. Suddenly, I can't get enough of them. So weird.

Symptoms: Some round ligament pain here and there...along with some back pain. It's not too bad, but it is annoying sometimes.

Best moment this week: Getting kicked in church! =)

Just for fun, here are some photos from our date night on Saturday. 

This is a shirt that I rarely wore before I got pregnant. Now, however, it makes "the girls" look good and of course it doesn't make the baby belly look bad either! This may be in my wardrobe more often until my belly starts sticking out of it. ;-)

I love that his hand naturally went to my belly. =) Oh well, what can you do? It's not like it's gonna get smaller anytime soon! {Nor do I want it to.}

Go vote for what you think Baby is! Oh, and if you took some this week, email me your fall photos! Pretty please?


Kaylee said...

Cute pictures! It's fun to see your growing belly, and I'm sure it's so exciting for you guys - that's too cute that his hand naturally went to your belly :)

bejellyfish said...

Congratulations! You look super cute!

Jamie said...

You look great!

I vote GIRL!

SLM said...

It's gotta be a girl!! Because literally everyone I know that is pregnant right now is having a boy...our boys need some pretty girls running around!!!!

Anna said...

You are looking absolutely beautiful! And I totally stole the shot of you and Joe - made me cry! I can't believe my little brother is gonna be a daddy. I am going to frame it and hang it in a new family collage for the house. :D Love you girl - and I miss you like crazy!

Chantal said...

You're getting bigger and bigger! Enjoy it! Oh, and I started using our body pillow around the same time and it was awesome. I stick it in between Brandon and I, and I use another pillow on my other side - it keeps me wedged in!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

How exciting! I'm guessing it's a girl in your poll!!

Amanda Dawn said...

Where do I e-mail my fall photo to again??

Think it's a boy.. and hello, I'm a silent reader.

Lindsay @ Tails to Tell said...

Cute cute! :)