21 October, 2011

Zip, Zilch, Nada

That's exactly how many fall photos I have for you today. Sad face.

I'm a little - okay, a lot - disappointed... But I suppose it's mostly my fault. I didn't exactly plug the Fall Foto Contest every single day this week. I definitely didn't do it like I did last year, so maybe that's it. According to my "stats," yesterday's post - in which I reminded everyone to send in photos - got a whopping 9 views. That doesn't count people's reader feeds though.

I really want to do this again, if only because I really enjoy it. But now I'm faced with questions.

So the questions are:

1. Should I push it back a day because maybe no one was ready?

2. Does anyone really want to participate in this little 'ole contest of mine?

3. Should I do away with the contest?

I'd be okay with not posting photos until tomorrow (Saturday or even Monday) if I knew for sure that people were actually going to participate and email me photos. But I don't know for sure. Obviously, if no one even cares to email photos - or take them - there's no point in attempting to do this. I want to, but that doesn't really make a big difference, now does it? {If you're a new follower, go here to find out the details about the contest.}

So, you tell me. Do you want to take a photo a week, email it in to me, vote on your favorite photo and be entered to win a to-be-determined prize? I'd love to do this again, but it's all up to you guys.

Go ahead, tell me what you think.

Seriously. Seriously.

I may or may not have been watching a lot of Grey's lately... ;-)


Allie said...

Sadly.... I just have not taken any good pictures lately :( I was planning on going hiking this weekend so maybe I will get a chance to get some then. Northern Virginia isn't quite all that colorful yet.

JG said...

Well, like I said, there's nothing "fall" about the desert, and I don't even have any decorations up. But, I'd love to see other people's photos if they will submit them. I'll be a very loyal voter!

Adriane said...

Things have just started turning here. This was a crazy week, but I can get something for next week.

Chantal said...

Sad day :( I would take photos... but you know I have the same Hawaii issue as you :P

heather said...

just sent one. sorry i haven't had a chance to read lately. my blog for some reason wont let me post right now so i cant post a button on my blog but i sent the picture and ill try to post it again later...

Skinnie Piggie said...

Awwww, I was looking forward to seeing them all! I did get a "Hawaii Fall" photo here on base in Sept!


Charity said...

I'm in Kansas and the trees aren't that pretty yet...I'm still waiting (rather impatiently!)for them to change! I'll send one when they're gorgeous!

Lindsay @ Tails to Tell said...

If only I wasn't in Hawaii... I'd be sending you lots of fall photos!