26 October, 2011


Well, I finally decided I should start doing bump-dates...if only so I remember all this stuff later! ;-)

How far along: 16 weeks (and 1 day)...lots more to go!

Weight gain/loss: So far I've gained about 5 pounds, which I think isn't too bad. My doctor hasn't said anything either way so I guess I'm doing okay!

Body changes: Well, my belly is definitely growing! I can no longer wear my pre-pregnancy shorts without a belly band. =)  Oh and "the girls" are growing too. They're huge. Haha, too much info?!

Gender: Don't know yet, but we'll find out on November 17th!! =D

Movement: I feel little flutters (seriously, it's almost like butterflies) every once in a while, but not a lot. Mostly it's in the afternoon or at night when I'm being still.

Sleep: Ugh. I've been having a hard time getting comfortable lately. I'm a tummy sleeper, and hello, my tummy is much bigger these days. I seriously need a body pillow. And I've been getting up a couple times at night to potty. Yaaay.

What I'm looking forward to: The ultrasound in November and being able to feel Baby more. =)

Cravings: Sour candy...namely chewy sweet tarts and sour skittles. Oh and last Friday I had a major craving for a steak... Odd.

Symptoms: The only real symptom I've had lately is cramping, which Doctor says is just round ligament pain. Yay. Thankfully the nausea went with the first trimester. =)

Best moment this week: Feeling Baby tickle my belly as I was trying to go to sleep a couple nights ago.... And hearing Baby's heartbeat (160!) today was also pretty awesome. =)

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Skinnie Piggie said...

So glad to hear the baby is doing so well!! (you too!)

Chantal said...

Yay!! (I still think it's a boy... but whatever baby is, yay!)

Kaylee said...

I like that you call them bump-dates :)

Emily said...

You look great! Can't wait to find out what that little peanut is! :) So excited for you!!

Anna said...

I love this post too! Mostly because I love little Baby K and hearing all about her (or him, but let's face it, it's a girl! :D). I'm gonna feel weird if I'm wrong...

Radiant Readhead said...

YAY!!!! i can actually comment today...blogger has been so finicky lately. so I wanted to say on your last post that I LOVE the picture of you guys shortly after you met, and isnt amazing how life takes turns you never expecteD?!?!? now, for 16 weeks....YAY!!!! it goes fast, so enjoy every moment...pregnancy is a miracle:-) and Nov 17th is a lucky day...it was my due date (obvioously didnt make it that far! lol) it is also my Birthday. i am thinking boy from the cravings....protein and salty/sour is boy:-) lol. we will see!!!!!

heather said...

Im so calling a boy. I have only been wrong 3 times in 4 years. I sent my fall foto last week, did you get it?

Lydia said...

So excited for you! You definitely look pregnant. I hated the beginning stage of pregnancy, when you couldn't quite tell if I was pregnant or just overweight. I rejoiced the day I finally looked pregnant. lol! You're doing great with the weight gain! Five lbs is usually the recommended amount for the first trimester, so you're right on track. Not that that's a set in stone number. Every pregnancy is different, and some people gain most of their weight in the beginning or at the end. It just depends on the person. Glad to hear that your morning sickness is no longer a problem! :)

Btw, I also wanted to let you know about a military giveaway I'm doing on my blog. I know this is technically not the way to go about doing giveaways, but I wanted to make sure people were aware of it and wanted to give a heads up to all the military wives' blogs I'm following. Hope you get a chance to check it out! :)