27 September, 2011

Goings On

Thanks for all the super sweet comments on my first baby bump picture post! =) I'm pretty excited that I'm starting to look pregnant and not just feel it.

However, there are at least a couple people out there that thought I shouldn't be showing yet. One of them is my own mother. The other is a girl I went to high school with. I posted the very same baby bump pictures you saw on Facebook on Sunday. I figured it was time and I knew that some family who don't read my blog would like to see as well. Then came the question every pregnant woman wants to hear:

Are you sure there aren't two in there?

*sigh* Really? I posted an ultrasound picture. Do you see two babies in there?! NO. Just because I'm already showing doesn't mean that I'm having twins. It also doesn't mean that I've gained too much weight during my first trimester. I wasn't a freakin' supermodel before I got pregnant and anyone who's seen pictures of me in - let's say - the last year would know that. UGH. I'm not sure if it bothered me more that my mom asked that or that the girl from high school (who is also not a supermodel) did. Either way, it upset me. Because, come on. I posted an ultrasound picture. We've heard one heartbeat. It's just one baby. One baby that is growing in my belly and pushing it out. So asking if I'm sure I'm not having twins is just plain hurtful. And for the record, I totally cried. Hello, hormones!

Fortunately, I had my first real (as in not just meeting with a clueless nurse) OB appointment yesterday. =) It wasn't all fun - because who really likes a full exam of the land south of the border - but it was a good appointment nonetheless. I found out that I've only gained 3 pounds (woohoo!), I'm measuring right on target at 12 weeks, and we got to hear the baby's heartbeat. I was a little sad that 1) we didn't get an ultrasound, but I did expect that and 2) that she didn't let me listen to the heartbeat for very long. I know that she heard what she needed to, but I could have listened all day! It was a nice, strong heartbeat - 170. =) Joe said it sounded like our baby was running a marathon, LOL!

So after I found out I'm measuring on target and that I've only gained 3 pounds - which is very normal - I felt super justified. I mean, I still don't want anyone to basically tell me I'm fat but at the same time I know that I'm not and that I'm also not having twins. The next time anyone asks that I think I'm just going to tell them to talk to my doctor. =P

After my appointment, Joe and I met up with a lady to buy a bouncy seat! There's a Facebook group just for the post we're at where people put up pictures and sell all kinds of things. I was randomly looking on there Monday and found the bouncy seat for $15. Can you say "steal"? So of course I messaged the lady and set up a time to meet at the PX. That really worked out great for both of us because she was going to an appointment at the clinic (which is pretty much next door) and I was coming from the clinic. =) It's kind of boyish (which will be great if we do have a boy), but I think it will do for a girl too. What do you think?

Honestly, I was just really excited to buy something for the baby. I feel a little more comfortable buying things now that we're in the "safe zone" of the 2nd trimester. I know it's a little silly to think that way, but the pessimistic side of me just can't help it.

Tomorrow, Joe and I are going to a marriage retreat held downtown. We didn't get "accepted" to go to the last one, so we're pretty excited about getting to go. And Jasper gets to stay with one of his most favorite people while we're in the hotel. =) I don't think I've ever seen this dog get more excited about seeing someone than he is when he sees Annie! It's too cute. And I'm glad to know that he'll have a good time and be taken care of while we're "gone." Hopefully I'll have a fun update or two while we're at the marriage retreat.

Hope your week is off to a great start!


Radiant Readhead said...

wow!! time is flying by!! lol. first...did you SEE my photo of my 12th week?!?! OMG!!! i looked like i was pregnant with quadruplets! lol. but it is ok, because i have kind of slowed down on the size the third trimester where most people baloon up, i had gotten that out of the way the 1st...hahaha.
second...don't feel bad about not buying anything before the 2nd trimester. remember, there is a 25% od m/c in the 1st trimester...you weere just being cautious. I on the other hand, didn't buy anything till the 3rd, and probably would not have at all...because remember, i had a 3rd tri loss last time.... there is no real "safe zone" just when you think is the right time to start spoiling the crap out of your baby:-) lol. you look great!!

Chantal said...

1. You aren't fat. Other people are dumb. And fat. :P

2. That bouncy seat is very cute! And a girl baby won't care.

3. I think you're having a boy! lol. Apparently a heart rate over 150 means boy, and under 150 means girl. Well... ours was under 150 and we're having a girl! It's all speculation until you find out at your anatomy ultrasound. ;)

4. That 12 week appointment is pretty invasive, but every appointment afterwards is kind of boring. They measure you, they check your belly size, ask if you have any questions, check the heart beat and send you on your way!

5. Let me know if you need anything ;)

Skinnie Piggie said...

Um, I'm pretty sure 11-13wks IS when you start showing the baby bump. I'm excited you get to go to a marriage retreat, we just went last week and LOVED it!

❈ Annie - Blonde Glambition ❈ said...

You can tell Jasper that the feelings are mutual...hehe :P I can't wait to watch him! As for the insensitive comments that have come your way...I'm sorry you've had to deal with that...I think you are absolutely beautiful and glowing!!

The McGriff's said...

We LOVED our bouncy seats!! Yes, seatS. I love them so much that I have actually owned 4. Two with the first baby, sold one, bought another for my niece but they ended up getting one, sold another (I think... can't remember exactly where that one went), then bought one more. I keep one in the living room and one in my bathroom. Perfect place to keep my baby so I can get a shower! Oh, and things like bouncy seats, excersaucers, and jumeroos are perfect for buying used. You can clean them up all nice and then when you are finished sell them for about the price you paid. When it comes time for baby #2 just go out and buy used again. You never had to store them (or move with them!)

JG said...

If there's anything the blogs have taught me, it's that no matter what you do, someone is always ready and willing to say you're doing pregnancy/motherhood wrong. I'm sorry. Try not to let them get to you.

I am always on the lookout for marriage retreats here but they haven't had any for our brigade yet. I'm hoping we get one soon! Have fun!!

The Mrs. said...

I received that question too; People just need to accept that everyone is different, and everyone carries differently. If and when you hear it again, just say "Nope, I've just got a very healthy baby" and flaunt that adorable bump!

Karen said...

First of all - You look FABULOUS and not at all like you're having twins in anyway. Some people are sometimes jealous of other peoples good fortune. And every body is different, everyone was convinced I was having a boy because of how I was carrying and I had a baby girl. Congrats on the steal of a deal for the bouncy chair - as I write this, my little lady is in hers, these things are magic!!

heather said...

you do not look like your having twins. i got that a lot towards the end of mine. but i was huge, however he was 9lbs and 10ozs. and what a good find on the bouncy chair. they are great.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Some people are just rude! Ugh!

That bouncer is too cute! That's great that you're getting stuff for the baby already.

Just Another MilSpouse said...

For the record, I think you look awesome! For the first few months you couldn't tell I was pregnant at all, I just looked like I was retaining 67 gallons of water. I had no baby bump with ANY of my kids until about the 5th or 6th month. I got pregnant EVERYWHERE else though; stomach, thighs, nose, thumbs, earlobes, etc. Basically, I just swelled up and you couldn't really tell. So, trust me. You look awesome and don't let anyone tell you differently.

bejellyfish said...

Congratulations on your baby bump! I love that bouncy seat too... that will be great for a boy or girl! A friend of mine is just ending her 3rd Trimester today and she had the same thing happen to her on Sunday, at church none the less from the pastors wife. She felt super uncomfortable as well because the pastors wife told my friend she didn't/won't need maternity clothes till she is at the end of her 2nd Trimester, and she is already wearing maternity clothes. I think some people just base all opinions on what happened to them... and lets face it, thousands upon thousands of women have babies every year, and although all experiences are similar, they are all different. Their opinion is just an opinion, and if the doctor tells you that your right on Q, then you have a reason to be justified for being irritated. :-)

Congratulations again, enjoy your pregnancy, and shred the negativity off your shoulders and into the trash where it belongs.