17 June, 2011

Few of My Favorite Things

Cue Music for "My Favorite Things" from The Sound of Music.

Now that all of you are singing that song in your head, I'll proceed. =)

I needed a bit of a pick-me-up this evening, so I've been watching my favorite new show non-stop on Netflix:

Drop Dead Diva!!! I'd seen previews and things for it all over the place for a while and wondered about it. And for the past few weeks, they've been showing previews for the new season on Lifetime before and during Army Wives. I figured I had to see what all the fuss was about!! After finding it on Netflix Instant...there was nothing stopping me. =) I am in love! It's a really, really cute show. If you haven't seen it, add it to your queue! And now you know what I'll be doing this weekend...other than prepping for homecoming, of course.


Another one of my favorite shows is this little program. =)

Love, love, love!! It definitely rivals my love for American Idol. The talent that they have had on the show just amazes me. And, for the record, I am totally Team Adam. Some are obvious reasons.... ;-) 

Source: flickr.com via Katie on Pinterest


And others are because I seriously love his picks. Of course, I'm sure that stems from my love of his music and {good} pop music in general. 


Up next is a product that has saved my life. Sort of. And I might just be the last woman on the planet to know about it/purchase it.

Eye primer. Best. Purchase. Ever. Say goodbye to creased eyeshadow 2 hours after you put it on! Even better, it lasts about 10 hours. =) Love, love, love. I don't know what in the world took me so long!


This is something I purchased when I got my hair cut last week. Hawaii brings out the frizz in my hair, and I wanted something to correct it. The stylist recommended this:

And I love it. It was only $7 for the bottle and it'll probably last me forever. You just use a tiny bit, run it through your hair {careful to stay away from your scalp!} and that's that. Say goodbye to frizz and hello to pretty hair. AND it makes my hair softer! Always a bonus. Oh, and it smells good too. =)


Y'all know that I'm addicted to my iPhone, right? If not, you should. This clearly states how addicted I am.

Source: imgfave.com via Sarah on Pinterest

As if I needed something else to attach myself to my phone, I downloaded another game... Called Hanging with Friends. It's basically hangman. But I guess that name wasn't PC, so they called it hanging with friends. Haha!

Download, and you too will find yourself attached to your phone. Swearsies.


Last, but definitely not least, I am loving the good 'ole Donut. =)

He's coming home sooooooooooooooooon!! Never soon enough though. I had what I hope will be my last deployment break down this evening....before I got a phone call. =) Come on, homecoming!

*Disclaimer: All photos without named credits are thanks to Google images.*


Jessica said...

Aww, yay!! I'm so excited for you.

Kristin said...

I am addicted to Army Wives(& my husband is too, but shhhh..he doesn't like to admit it--haha)! I love Mary Kay eye primer as well! Excited for your husband's homecoming---it's such a wonderful experience!! Have a great weekend!

Katie said...

Oh, Adam Levine. Sigh...

Yay for Joe's imminent arrival!! So excited for you two!! :)

Lou said...

i really have been wanting to watch drop dead diva...now that you like it i know i should watch it!!
So glad home coming is coming i am so excited for you! Mine is around the corner to!! Yay!!

Chantal said...

I love The Voice!! And Team Adam rocks. I've seen Maroon 5 in concert twice. It was awesome.

Skinnie Piggie said...

If it makes you feel better... I hadn't heard of eye primer (I may have to look into it) and that stuff for frizzy hair sounds amazing... can't wait for homecoming photos =)

Anonymous said...

I am excited that your man will be home soon!! YAY!!
Thanks for that post cause I never heard of the primer for the eye shadow and I def have to buy and try it!! Thanks!! :)
Have a great weekend and feel free to stop by at my blog if u got some time ;)

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I swear by eyeshadow primer! I love that stuff! The Urban Decay one is really good. That's great that he's almost home!