15 June, 2011

Bad Day Gone Good

Say what?!

Yes, that's how my day went. It started off a crazy freaking-out mess, and turned out awesome! I so love it when that happens. =)

Hubby told me a few days ago that he was going to ask for certain if his block leave dates got approved, and that he would try to get back to me within 28 hours. {Yes, 28. That's my hubby. =P} He also told me that if I didn't hear from him, I should go ahead and purchase our flights with trip insurance. So, I started looking up flights and trying to figure dates and times and everything. It sounds less crazy than it really is. His side of the family is going to be at the beach in NC in a certain window of time. We had talked about staying later, but never made concrete plans. And I'm supposed to buy tickets without his help!? Right. After two calls to my mom and a call to my MIL, I finally just decided what times. The days weren't so easy, but after about 20 or 30 minutes I settled on a return date. 

Then I tried to book the flights. Over. And over. And over again. I can't tell you how many times I put in my credit card information. I know there's nothing wrong with it because I just used it yesterday!!!! At one point, I flung myself on the couch crying because I was just so tired of dealing with it and I couldn't understand what the problem was. I called my mom again. She suggested I call the airline.... So I did. It's a good thing too or I would have spent the rest of the day in tears. The woman I spoke with told me to call my bank... She said that she'd had that problem with several people - that their spending limit wasn't enough to purchase flights. So, I put her on hold and called the bank. Turns out, we do have a spending limit. And our tickets were just $140 over that. I had them extend it just for today, and I was able to purchase the tickets. 

But guess what? I forgot to add trip insurance. Insert panic attack here. I was seriously freaking out. I finally just grabbed some lunch and sat down to calm down. Then my bestie got online. =) We skyped and she reminded me that sometimes you just have to have blind faith. I told her that was a lot of blind faith. =P I was feelin' frisky. Haha!! But she was right. =) While we were talking, I  put up this lovely vinyl sign that I made at Annie's the other night. You really just have to have a second opinion when putting artwork up on the walls. 

I stinkin' love it! =D

After our 2 hour long chat, I finally got up and mowed my grass!! Although my arms were killing me {and will most definitely be sore in the morning}, it felt great to get it done. Not to mention my back yard no longer looks like a jungle. It definitely doesn't look professional, but the weeds are trimmed. And if Joe doesn't like the way it looks when he gets back, he can take care of it himself! LOL!

After all that work {and a shower}, I walked Jasper out to the mailbox and found some very happy mail!! =D I may have mentioned that my bestie went shopping at Hobby Lobby for me last week. She bought some Americana decorations for my living room. And, she included a little something that I've been dying to have for...well, for a little while. =P It's my early {really early} birthday present, but I love it!

All the goodies. 

This is my present. =)
{The K is for my last name. Probably because there were no S's available. =)}

And in the absolute best news of the day, I got to Skype with my hubby!!!!! =D If you haven't noticed, I haven't Skyped with him in at least a month. Considering the communication we've had in this deployment, that's a very long time to go without seeing his face. It was so nice. =) Plus, he gave me the best news possible. His leave was approved!!!! Which means that it's totally okay that I didn't purchase trip insurance!!! Yaaay!! Actually, that was how he prefaced the news. 

Joe: Did you buy trip insurance?

Me: No... I'm sorry! I completely forgot! =(

Joe: No, it's okay because my leave was approved!!

Me: Yaaaaaaaay! Oh my gosh, that is so awesome! I was sooo worried!! 

Great, great news. =) Oh, and then he told me it had been approved like 3-4 weeks ago but no one had told them. FAIL. Sometimes I really wonder... Anyway. I got to talk to him for a whole hour!!! Again, I haven't talked to him like that in a really long time. It was unbelievable. Even better, I'll be able to talk to him in person soon. I can't tell you how excited I am about that. 

I can't wait!!! 


❈ Annie - Blonde Glambition ❈ said...

Good thing I read this!! I forgot I still have to buy the rest of our plane tickets...eeek!! So glad you two got to have a fabulous Skype date :)

Kate said...

Yay for Skype dates!

JG said...

Oh! I'm so glad it all worked out! :) Definitely a great way to end the day :)

Jen said...

Yay for Skype date and yay for his leave being approved!!! :)

Lindsay @ Tails to Tell said...

Skype dates can make everything better! :)