04 May, 2011

I Just...I Can't...

Coherent, one topic blog post -- not happenin' folks.

My mind is all over the place. From people ranting about how we shouldn't be happy Osama bin Laden (or Usama, if you prefer ;-)) is no longer in this world to the crazy Hawaii weather...I just can't stick with one tonight. Rest assured that I will be addressing the OBL issue in the near future. I just have to do my research first. And by research I mean serious Bible studying. Oh yeah, I'm going there.


First things first, I made myself a makeup bag last night. After making one for Mom, I just couldn't resist doing one for myself. Plus, I have this cute Michael Miller fabric... ;-) You really just can't leave that stuff lying around! {Not only because it's too expensive to do that. =P}

Eek! Isn't it cute?!

Pink polka dots inside! =D

Everything fits perfectly!
And I have room for extras when I travel.

Nah, I'm not excited about it or anything. ;-)

This is the 4th?ish zipper I've done. Safe to say I'm getting better with each one. I'm really happy about that because I really, really sucked at zippers at first. I guess I could say that about a lot of things though, huh? I think what I love most about my new little bag is that it'll fit in my large purses that double as carry on bags when I travel. Yay me!! =D


Speaking of traveling, I'm so not ready to go home next month. I know it's only for a week, but somehow that almost makes it more stressful. I'm not the biggest fan of flying, so that has a lot to do with it. I'm dealing with my flying anxiety much better than I used to, but it's still difficult at times. Flying solo doesn't really help with that either. But, being an Army wife that's just another one of those things I've got to learn to do!

On the flip side of that, I'm looking forward to seeing friends and family. It's only a week, plus I have my BIL's wedding, so it's going to be very busy. I'm hoping that I can squeeze in a lot of family and friend time...especially with the bestie. ;-) Even though we Skype a lot, it isn't really the same. Am I right?!


Speaking of family... I have a new shot of my sweet little nephew!!! =D

Aah! He's so stinkin' cute!! He looks a lot like his big sister, but he looks a little different too... Maybe more manly? ;-) Haha. Actually, except for the dark hair he kinda looks like a baby Joe! And as always, it makes me wonder what our kids will look like. I sincerely hope ours will be red headed. I know my in laws feel the same way too. ;-)

Oh, here's some fun info: My nephew's name is Harry {a la Prince Harry} and one of my friends here, Miranda, is naming their little girl (due in Oct.) Kate {a la Princess Catherine}. I love it! Now, I don't think my SIL or Miranda really planned it that way, but I still think it's really funny! Oh, another fun fact: I was born in England around the same time that Sarah Ferguson married the Duke of York. Interesting, no? And according to my mom, we were in London a week later and flowers were everywhere. You'll have to take her word for it because I was about 2 weeks old. Le sigh.


Can I just tell you how bizarre Hawaii is sometimes? I've lived here for a year now (!!!) and it still surprises me. As I was driving home from the museum this afternoon, I noticed that it was starting to sprinkle. No big deal, it's been stormy lately and it's Hawaii. It rains at random times. Especially near post. I drove up a hill and I just started laughing. Why, you ask? Allow me to show you.

Seriously. To the left it's bright, shiny, normal Hawaii weather. To the left, downpour! And let's not forget that it went from sprinkling to pouring in about 2.5 seconds. As soon as I topped the hill, it was raining hard. Then I made a left turn, into the blue sky and it was STILL raining! Hawaii, I don't understand you. Though, these crazy "sun storms" do have one benefit:

Fantastic rainbows. Lucky for me, a lot of them are near my house. On the way into my neighborhood, there were a couple cars (that were full of tourists) stopped taking pictures. You really can't blame them. Or I can't. I was snapping pictures with my phone. {Yes, while driving. Breaking the law, I know. Sue me. =P}


Have you guys been watching The Voice?! Oh my gosh, I am so in love with that show!! I think it might even top Idol! And that's saying something for me. I'm really looking forward to next week. If only because Reba will be on the show. I love, love, love Reba! I remember listening to her as a little girl and looking at her album covers... She's a redhead... I'm a redhead.. Yeah. =) Anyways, love the show. I can't decide what "team" I'm on!! I'm a country fan, so...Blake Shelton. But then I like Adam Levine (Maroon 5), so.... And I really like some of the people Cee Lo chose. It's gonna be tough!! Are you watching?


I can't let you go with out some cute puppy pictures! =) I caught Jasper checking the situation with Mr. Gecko out tonight...

This is the first one we've had that he's actually spotted. Several months ago, there was a baby one in the living room but apparently Jasper never saw it. We've had some crawling on the walls in the living room...and a couple (or maybe the same one) were in the kitchen. They do sometimes come on the screen door like that but they're usually to high for him to see. It was funny to see his reaction. He didn't do anything, but he was definitely curious.

This is his "look how good I'm being! Can I have a treat now!?" face. Haha. =) He knows when he should get treats too. I took this picture after letting him outside before bedtime last night. When he's done, he runs inside and goes straight to the kitchen...where the treats are. As soon as I ask him if he wants something (or a treat), he promptly sits down like a good boy and wags his tail. =) Funnier story: his treats are made of the same stuff his dog food is. Which one do you think he eats faster? Puppies are silly.

Hope y'all are having a great week!

P.S. Come on, homecoming!!!!!


Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

The OBL issues are really starting to get to me. Some people are just getting way too preachy and uppety for my taste. On another note, those bags are cute!!

kirstieJayy said...

those bags are super cute!! :)
ahh where abouts in england were you born? :) its nice to see someone else born here too! :) Lol.
and on another note, your pup is tooo cute!!

roll on homecoming! x

Kaylee said...

Again, your sewing projects are making me want to whip out my machine and get started - I really need to one of these days...oh to find the time...

Amanda said...

Love the cute makeup bag!! I am addicted to The Voice & it's only been on twice! I think it is nice to watch a singing competition where they aren't criticizing & cutting the contestants down-Excited for REBA as well.

Dani said...

Your sewing projects are uber adorable! That fabric is super cute as well :)

Katie said...

That bag is awesome! I'm so impressed with your sewing skills. :) And I can't believe P's wedding is so close! Crazy. Hope you have a great time! At least you'll get to see the new baby, right??

Jillian said...

Hahaha I love how random Hawaii weather is. That's the perfect description. I remember one time I was sitting in my 4th grade classroom (we had a huge sliding glass door so we could see outside) and it went from perfectly sunny, to BOOM! pouring rain. Like it came directly from God or something.

Christine said...

First off I love your blog! My Google Reader and I have been having a Love Hate relationship lately but I bookmarked your page so I wouldnt miss out.

My Hubs is deploying on TUESDAY :( I was wondering if you had the templet for your Doughnut of Misery. I cant find a good one on Google and I really am just being lazy.

Also how did you get into sewing? I got a nice little (aka cheap) sewing machine for christmas and I wanted to break it in and If I liked it I would def. have to upgrade but I need guidance!

Mrs. Monkey said...

Man! I have never seen a rainbow so flat like that before. Neat!

Mrs. G said...

That bag is super cute!! My husband got me an awesome new sewing machine for Christmas and I still haven't figured out how to work it.

Carolyn said...

HAWAII? LUCKY. Especially for your first station. =) I love connecting with other military blogs! I'm following now..would appreciate a follow back! Thanks!

Ps. CUTE bag!!


Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

haha...yes, you were here there and everywhere with your post, but it was a lot of fun reading!
Yes...the Word is the place to go!
...love your makeup bag! Wow! it looks straight out of catalogue! (Have you thought about selling on Etsy?...I sell my art there and it has been so easy to set up a shop...email me if you have any questions). I love the fabric (both in and out).
...enjoy your time at home!
...your nephew is so cute. (I can't wait til our daughter tells us we are grandparents :o) I love to look at families when we are out and about and how neat it is to see how they resemble each other :o)
...ah yes Hawaii! My hubby's family is from there and we were stationed at Schofield Barracks from 88 to 92. And it is tru...some time in the day on some part of the islands, there will be rain! Usually, the showers come and go and then the rainbows are Amazing! There is always a rainbow at some point in time and place, it seems.
...been meaning to watch The Voice! but haven't yet.
...Aw...your puppy looks like he is being good :o)

I'm running way behind in stopping by to say thank you for linking up with Mil Spouse Weekly roundup! My hubby and I went out of town, so didnt get to do all my visits...

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