21 May, 2011

The Day After

Today was a much better day...albeit very busy.

I never sleep very well the night after traveling. My body is always confused about what it should be doing. I ended up getting up at 0700...not really of my own accord {mom's dog was barking/howling} but I couldn't go back to sleep either. Might as well get up. It was really strange to be awake when the rest of the US is awake. I guess after a year of being 5-6 hours behind everyone else, I've adjusted. So when I wake up in the morning, there's always a ton of FB and Twitter updates to read, not to mention emails and blogs. Waking up to basically nothing was just odd.

After I got up and around, I drove over to Melissa's house. =) After feeding baby Jorja, we headed out for some shopping! We went to a fabric store, where I ended up shelling out around $30 for fabric... But it's not like I can get it in Hawaii!! Plus, I don't have to pay shipping. Then, we went to lunch at Olive Garden. Mmmm. I know Olive Garden isn't much to talk about, but I do miss not being able to eat there...especially the salad and breadsticks! Haha!

Then, we drove to Hobby Lobby. {insert Allelujah chorus here} By this time, the clouds opened up and it starting pouring...and thundering. The thunder I enjoy. Rain? Not so much. Anyway, I took Jorja {who also has red hair} inside while Melissa parked her truck. I would have, but, um....yeah.... And wouldn't you know that three old ladies walked up to me and told me how cute she was, asked me how old she was.... Haha! I know the child has red hair and blue eyes, but...her face looks nothing like mine! I guess most people wouldn't really catch that though. So, I just played along and let them think what they wanted rather than spilling the whole "my best friend ended up having a red headed baby" story. Haha. And I won't even say how much that didn't help the baby fever. Anyway, as luck would have it, Hobby Lobby just set out all their 4th of July decor.... I may or may not have spent around $50 on stuff for the living room. ;-)

Then, made a quick stop at a store so Melissa could get something baby-related, and then we made our final trip to Target. I needed a few things, and it's always nice to look around Target. Once we were done, we loaded up the car and headed back to her house. It wasn't until after we got to her house that I realized both of our umbrellas were still in the cart in Target's parking lot. FAIL. I don't know how we both forgot that... I'm just hoping Target found them... "My" umbrella wasn't even mine, it was Mom's. She left it for me to use today and what did I do? I left it at Target. Way to go, Sarah. Geeeeez.

And then I came home to get ready for the rehearsal dinner. {I told you it's been a busy day!} The rehearsal went well...for the most part. It seems like there's always a snafoo at rehearsals. I just hope the problem gets solved before tomorrow or it could make for an awkward day. And a not so good one for my BIL and his soon-to-be wife. I'm so happy for them. They've been together for what seems like forever. {They've known each other longer than Joe and I have.}

I really feel bad for my BIL too. I mean, his only sibling here is his oldest sister. The other sister is recovering from birth and his brother is deployed. He's handling it well and I know he's thankful that at least one of them is there, but I know it's really hard for him that Joe isn't there. It's hard for Joe too. I think it's hard on the rest of us as well. I know it is for me. My FIL asked me tonight if this {the rehearsal} was bringing back memories. Oh, it definitely is. I didn't realize it was going to be so hard on me emotionally to go to a wedding {let alone his brother's} without him. *sigh* 

And then there's the whole not being in the wedding party, but still being at the wedding with the family thing... I don't know why, but it sort of feels weird. I'm not needed, but I'm still there...you know? It's hard to explain how I feel... I'm glad I'm here, but at the same time it's like, "Why am I here? No one needs me to be here." Maybe it's just because I like to know what I'm expected to do. Blah. 

I feel like I'm rambling. =P I probably am. I think the sleep depravation is catching up with me now. Or maybe my body is in the correct time zone now. Either way, it might be best to get some sleep. Tomorrow is going to be a long day! Though, I'm sure it will be a happy one.

Happy Weekend!


Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

I'm glad its a little better but you feeling a bit weird and out of place makes total sense.

Andrea said...

I thought of you when I was in Hobby Lobby the other day and saw all of the 4th of July decorations, glad you got a chance to go there!

Erin said...

I Love Hobby Lobby so much! Iam going to my sister in laws wedding in June and my husband is deployed and it is the day before our one year wedding anniversary, so I am pretty sure I am gonna be a hot mess to. I am praying I am not PMSing that day or its gonna be bad! Hope your enjoying your visit!

Full of Heart said...

I went to my BILs wedding by myself, in Mexico, at 15 weeks pregnant while my husband was deployed this winter. And it was really, really rough, not gonna lie. At the same time though, it really meant a lot to his family that I went, and people were really impressed with the effort I made to be there!