08 April, 2011

Thursday Things

I'm so glad y'all enjoyed my Nickel Creek song and story from yesterday. =) I thought it was kinda fun. I know it's fun for me to remember and reminisce about how we met and started dating.

Today, I thought I'd share a few things that I'm currently loving. Obviously there's not much going on around here these days, so this is what ya get tonight!

First up is this stinkin' amazing shampoo.

When I got my hair cut back in December (wow...maybe I'm due for a trim), the stylist conned talked me into buying this fabulous - and expensive - Paul Mitchell tea tree oil shampoo and conditioner. And, of course, I fell in love with it. The tea tree oil part took some getting used to... Can you say "minty fresh?!" But, once I adjusted to it, I loved it. I especially loved the way it made my hair feel. All nice and soft. =) It also "behaved" better too. What's not to love?! The price. I found it for $12 for a small bottle at a store in the mall... After that I decided I'd go back to the Herbal Hessences I'd used for forever and a day. 

Unfortunately, I now realized that my hair wasn't getting as clean as it should. Then I found this little guy and his buddy, conditioner, at the PX for half the price of the fancy Paul Mitchell stuff. And guess what? It's just as good!! AND it's sulfate and paraben free for all of you au naturale type people. =) It's really just a bonus for me. =) They have other "flavors" too, in case you don't love the minty smell. I don't know if they sell it anywhere else because, let's face it, I only do the serious shopping on post. 

Just to give you a reason for my on post shopping... I recently switched from Jergen's lotion to this:

Not the exact one I use, but it'll do. I got my lovely bottle of lotion at the commissary for $4.73. When I ran out about a week ago, I was planning to make a trip to WalMart so I figured I'd pick up a replacement there. Couldn't be too different in price, right? Wrong! Try $7.73! A $3 difference? No, thank you! I really, really love my Aveeno lotion too. It's fabulous. It's not all thick and goopy, it's smooth and creamy and soaks into your skin instantly. Plus, mine smells like oatmeal which I think is a very nice, soothing scent. 

Even though I didn't get my lotion at good 'ole Wally World, I did manage to pick this up:

Zumba!!! I'll admit it right now: I suck at Zumba. Apparently this is normal for people who just start out. However, I am less...coordinated than your average Joe. Including my Joe. =P The poor guy has attempted to teach me a few dances here and there and I always end up stomping on his toes. Sorry, baby! ;-) That said, I still think I got a good workout! About halfway through the "class" I felt like I'd run a mile, except that I didn't really notice it. And if you're going to do this, make sure you have a bottle of water handy. I forgot that little rule and had to run to the kitchen. =)

Even though this little guy has been severely annoying lately, he's still pretty darn cute.

Seriously, he whined and pouted on the couch for a good 10 minutes before he got down to get it. Talk about lazy!! I even got up at one point to get a snack and he still stayed on the couch!! We're talking about a dog who usually follows me around - especially when I go to the kitchen! Lazy, lazy, lazy!

As always, I am seriously loving this guy who knows how to make me laugh even via email. =)

He's been super busy lately, working about 20 hours a day and yet he still sends me silly emails and such. =) Maybe it's the lack of sleep that's making him so silly! Haha! This was from a few weeks ago (when I was sick) but this is an example of the silliness that makes up my hubby. You really just gotta love him.

Silly hubby of mine. Also, I'm still pretty addicted to the Instagram app. I've been taking lots of photos and editing them lately. Like today...I was being silly and thought I'd take a silly pic and send it to Joe. This was the end result.

Now I'm wishing that I hadn't made the fishy face because how great would the picture have been?! Love me some Instagram! Also, this photo reminds me of why I still think my 2 best features are my eyes and hair (even when it's being unruly). Lord help me if I ever go gray... I really love my hair.

I'm definitely loving this whole giveaway palooza that my BB JG is doing on her blog right now. If you haven't checked it out yet, you might wanna consider it. She's been giving away all kinds of awesome things all week! Then again, maybe you don't want to enter so that I can win. ;-)

And last, but certainly not least, I'm loving my Bible study:

I'm getting so much better at talking to myself in truth instead of lies and what seems to be. You wouldn't believe how much better I feel all the time now. I still have my moments, but they're fewer these days...and I don't feel like I'm beating myself up all the time. Talk about awesome! 

Hope y'all are having a fantabulous day!


ACUs and ABCs said...

We just got a wii last weekend and got the zumba game. I had done real zumba before but I am soooo uncoordinated too! I feel a little better looking like a fool in the comfort of my own home!

nyang85 said...

Just started reading your blog. I love Aveeno! It's so great. Feel better soon!

Rebekah said...

I love Organix! It's one of my favs, but I don't use it all the time. I've only tried zumba a couple of times, but I liked it! I hope you feel better!

JG said...

Thanks for the shout-out! I use BedHead and I agree, having the right hair products makes such a difference! I've never tried that brand, but maybe I will next time it's time.

Dr. Army Wife said...

Love that shampoo. I have it in a bunch of different scents!

MrsMcDancer said...

I love that shampoo :) I get it in between getting the fancy schmancy ones at Nordstrom Rack {they're cheaper there then most places, but still too expensive to justify using all the time}

❈ Annie - Blonde Glambition ❈ said...

I've noticed that shampoo at the store and was curious if it worked. I'm in the market for a new shampoo & conditioner, or should I say my hair is, so I might try this brand just to see.

Also you know I love Zumba...I'm a freak about it...haha :) I struggled in the beginning, but since sticking to it, my rhythm has improved greatly. Before you know it, you'll be a shaking queen!! :)