06 April, 2011


Today was supposed to be an uneventful, boring day. Didn't quite work out that way.

I was going to go by and get a form so I can renew the tags on the car (which are expired...oops.), but I completely forgot that they're doing road work on the main road to my neighborhood and it takes like 10 extra minutes. So I ended up getting to the museum right on time. *sigh*

Then, the former museum intern (Allison) was there today! She left to move back to the mainland back in October, so it was good to see her. She brought us some yummy snacks from Starbucks and all of us ended up chatting pretty much all afternoon. I barely did any work. I felt kinda bad, but 1) I'm a volunteer, 2) no one else was really working either. =P After closing time, Allison asked if we (David, Kathleen and I) wanted to go get some sushi with her at her favorite place. Well, I don't like sushi so I was going to pass, but... She talked me into going because they do have other stuff I could eat. And - go figure - I'm really glad I went. We had a really good time. Usually, I don't spend time with them outside of "work" so it was fun to hang out with them in a more relaxed setting.

After some yummy food, I came home. It wasn't without incident of course. Only I would have to deal with insane traffic at 5:45 because a bus broke down. *sigh* But, I made it home and started getting a package together for Joe. I was planning on sending one last week, but once he told me the mail cut off date, I figured I'd better send a bigger package that will hopefully last a while. I already made 1 batch of cookies for him, but I decided he needed another. I got everything out, mixed it all together, put one batch in and started putting everything away and.... BAM! The power goes out.

At this point it was about 7:30, so it was already dark. So there I am, putting stuff back in the cabinets and then I'm instantly in the dark.... I panicked. I couldn't remember where I put my phone!! I had no idea where the flashlights were...nothing. Luckily my phone was just a couple steps away, on the ledge by the front door. Then I went around the house searching for candles, flashlights and lighters. You'd think I'd be more prepared since this happens so frequently. Nope.

I was pretty frustrated, mainly because I had just put the cookies in. But, I decided I would just wait and do some reading and eating a yummy cupcake. =)

Then I remembered that I won some new candles at a baby shower a couple weeks ago and left them on my little table in the kitchen! Thank goodness, too! I'm almost out of decent candles. *sigh*

I eventually posted about the outage on FB and complained about my cookies in the oven. Courtney (one of my friends here) commented, offering up her oven in exchange for cookies. =) Usually these outages last 2-6 hours and I was really upset that these cookies were sitting in my oven. So, I texted her to see if she was actually serious. =P You know, 'cause some people say things and don't really mean it. Well, she said I could come over and I totally took her up on that!! Those cookies are the saddest looking sugar cookies I've ever made. I decided I would try to salvage them instead of making more, so I got out my smallest heart shaped cookie cutter and cut them out. =P So, my hubby will have some very cute cookies!! Haha! They still taste fine, so I hope he enjoys them.

And, of course, when I came home the power was back on. I kinda felt stupid for rushing over to Courtney's to bake my cookies when the power came back on an hour later. Then again, if I hadn't gone you know it would have been more than an hour!! Ah, Murphy. 

So now, I get to go to the post office tomorrow... 2 people are going to love me soon!! 

I'm sending off the giveaway books to JG and sending Joe's last package!! Eeek! I'm getting closer to seeing my hubby every day!!! Don't worry, though, the donut still looks like this:

We've still got a little while, but I am loving all that green! 


Erin said...

Yes, there's still some time to go BUT mail cut off date is always the first sign that deployment is coming to an end!

Jessica said...

Your cut off date seems way earlier than ours was! It may be because of location though.

I was ecstatic when I got our cutoff date. That's when you know it's ending soon-ish!

Katie said...

Wow-- your doughnut is getting VERY green!! :) Girl, it seems like you're always having power troubles!

JG said...

Gosh, paradise doesn't have very good electrical, does it? But I have to say, that pic of boxes made me smile!! :)

❈ Annie - Blonde Glambition ❈ said...

Green has never looked so fabulous to me! :)