07 March, 2011

What I Love About Sunday

It might possibly be my favorite day of the week. It always seems to go by quickly, and I'm never more encouraged than on Sunday. When I get to hang out with friends after church, it's even better! Today was one of those days. =)

Thanks to Mrs. C for reminding me of this song. I hope my kids remember that about me: "Mama's hands raised up high..." =)

Mrs. C, her hubby and her neighbor came to church this morning and afterward, we went and grabbed some food on my side of the island. That's always nice for me since we live on opposite sides of the island and the church we go to is much closer to "their" side. The boys rode up in her car and we took my car to Cholo's. Apparently, we've been favoring Mexican food lately. 3rd time in 8 days!

We had a pretty good time at lunch and afterward, we made a commissary run. The guys aren't much on grocery shopping (seriously, it must be a guy thing because Joe can't stand going with me), so we went while the guys did... Well, whatever they did. =P I thought that the parking lot didn't look very full, but apparently the parking lot can be deceiving! It's official: there is no good time to go to the commissary. We wandered around, getting things on her list... And kept being completely in the way... I threatened to take away her driver's license because she kept running into things, lol! We decided that maybe she should have had that margarita with lunch that way she'd have a real excuse to be so clumsy. Haha! 

It sounds like a very simple afternoon, but I really enjoyed it. I guess it's the little things. =)

I came home and watched The Grown-Ups on Netflix. Mrs. C said she really loved it and I had just put it on my instant queue so I figured why not?! I had plenty of time to kill before Army Wives came on... ;-) It was a super cute movie! I don't have kids, but sometimes I feel like some of those characters... Like we need to focus on the littler things in life rather than the busy, busy of it all. It's not the best family-oriented movie, but it was really cute. And stinkin' hilarious!!!

While I was watching the movie, I realized that I'd left my lunch leftovers in the car. I paused it and ran out to the car. Then, I was greeted by this guy:

See that thing on the wall back there? The black, moth-looking thing? That, my friends, is a freaking BAT!!!!!!!!! Let me just tell you right now that I am not okay with having a bat in my garage!! I knew that bats lived on the island, but I never expected to see one in or near my house!!! I totally flipped out. I ran to the car, got in, reached for the food and ran back in the house. Then, of course, I went and got my phone so I could take a picture. =P That's just too strange not to share with the world. I just really hope he doesn't stay here long. Geckos I can handle. Bats, not so much.

In other news, I'm really glad Army Wives is back! I wasn't a huge fan before this summer, when I started watching it via Netflix. Then I ended up borrowing seasons 2 and 3 from a friend because waiting for the DVDs was killing me. I also downloaded season 4 because I didn't want to wait for it to come out on DVD. Impatient much?! =P Suffice it to say that I am a HUGE fan now. I wasn't extremely impressed with this season's premiere, but I know it'll get better. The previews for the next episode(s) makes me anxious...

By the way, thanks for all of your comments on the tattoo post! It's good to know that I at least have your support and understanding. =) I still don't know exactly what I want to do about the tattoo situation, but I've got a while to figure it out. Joe wants to go with me when I get it, so it will have to wait til then. Thankfully, that isn't too far away. See?

Oh, donut. I am liking you more and more every week! I especially like that pretty green color taking the place of the angry red color. ;-) I can't wait to have my hubby back!!! I watched Coming Home tonight too, and one of the wives said something about how her family was finally going to be whole again. Yup, that's exactly how I feel. He's my other half and it's just not the same without him here!

Hope y'all had a great weekend!!


Amanda said...

that donut is looking pretty great!!! :D

Kristen said...

LOL...my guy hates the commissary too. And I prefer to not have him go with me because I spend twice as much!

Kaylee said...

I LOVE me some Sundays too!!! Such a great start to my week! And I am beginning to realize that I can't take my man to the grocery store either - it is definitely not his favorite and he gets all crazy and does obnoxious things, like buy bags of dog food for the puppy we don't even have yet! Silly!

Katie said...

Yay for a green(er) donut!! :) I've never gotten into Army Wives, but everyone was talking about it on twitter last night. Haha.

Chantal said...

There IS a good time to go to the commissary: 8am on Sunday! That's when I go and I get out in 15 minutes. ;)

JG said...

That's one good-looking donut!

That's so funny, SoldierMan HAS to go to the grocery store with me. He really prefers me to wait so we can do it on the weekend together.

JessRaquel said...

I love bats! Maybe it's just me but I think they are cute.. So glad your husband's gonna be home soon though!