15 March, 2011

Extra Dose

Today, you can get a double dose of yours truly!!! 

I'm guest posting for Chantal at A Blog A Day While You're Away today! Her hubby is home on R&R, and she asked for some of us to keep her blog company while she's off relaxing. =) I hope she's having a great time with her hubby, enjoying every single minute.

So, head on over to her blog and check out my post about R&R.

Happy Tuesday!


Sarah E. said...

I think that this is one of the most favorite things I have ever heard said about R&R "R&R is like intermission for deployment. It’s a short, 2 (ish) week break from the reality SUCK that is deployment. For them, it’s a break from the nasty desert and crazy work hours. For us, it’s a huge sigh of relief – just knowing they’re safe and sound where they belong."



Adrienne said...

Love your blog. I am gearing up to prep myself for the first deployment.