23 February, 2011

Normal to Hormonal in 3.5 Seconds

Oy vey. It's been one of those days. Well, more like one of those evenings. My day was actually pretty good. I just can't seem to get a handle on these emotions and I have the lovely Aunt Flo to thank for that. She's not here full force just yet, but her presence is evident.

I cried last night while trying to get to sleep, which I just chalked up to my monthly deployment breakdown. I figure that since my hubby is gone I deserve at least one breakdown a month. I did feel better afterward and finally fell asleep. This evening? Oh so different.

First it was the old emails I had saved in a folder from my trying-to-get-a-teaching-job days. I remembered all the trouble I went through calling, emailing, interviewing and searching and how I came up with nothing and neither did Joe. I remembered how I loved teaching... How I always knew I'd be a teacher. Yet, three years after those interviews, calls and emails I'm not a teacher.

Then it was a card found in my household notebook, given to me by my former Chili's co-workers on my last day. I would never have thought I would actually miss working there. Maybe I don't and I just miss those friends. I miss a lot of my friends from home... But I spent a considerable amount of time with these people while Joe was in BCT. I saw most of them every day, 5 days a week.

And then my brain moved on from there to when I leave my friends here or vice versa. Then I was missing my bestie...and then my brain finally landed on the one person I miss the most. My hubby. That was all it took to turn me into a big, weeping hot mess. I shot what was probably the most unintelligible email ever to my bestie and about 2 minutes later my hubby got online. Praise the Lord! Within mere minutes of seeing his face, he had me laughing. How does he do that?! How does he take a weepy, emotional me and turn it into a happy me? He must possess some sort of magical powers. ;-)

In other news, I got some awesome things today. Both of them make me smile. I think we shall start with the prettiest. =)

Folks, you are looking at exactly 2.5 dozen roses. =) Pretty, pretty, pretty! These were supposed to arrive on the 16th (the same day as the tulips) but never did. Once again, my hubby got screwed by the online flower companies. Hence the 1/2 extra dozen of roses and an "we're sorry" note card. Hubby also got them to refund a small percentage of his money... Which really isn't doing very much. But, I really can't complain. I mean, look how pretty!!! =D Even better, they were waiting on my when I got home. Hehe.

I finally found a frame for my Blue Star!! I got it at the PX of all places. I spent probably way too much money for it (considering I could have gotten a cheaper one at Ross or WalMart) but I didn't feel like going anywhere else and I've been dying to put it up somewhere. Originally, I was going to put it on a shelf but it was too big! So, it's going to hang here in the entryway under the frame with our names in it (which is why you aren't allowed to see it =P) until the rest of the living room is properly decorated. I like it.

The best part about it? My husband had no idea what it was when I showed him. =P His reaction was exactly this:

"I like it! But, um, the star is the wrong color..."

Hahahaha! I seriously had to explain to him what the blue star meant!!! Ah, my sweet hubby. Silly as he is, he remains the only man alive who can cheer me up from thousands of miles away. =)


Committed said...

So very glad he got online when he did! He has magical powers AND phenomenal timing! You're a lucky girl. I'm so happy for you that he showed up to improve your rough night. What an amazing guy!!

P.S. The roses are gorgeous!

hmb said...

Beautiful roses!

Elizabeth said...

Loved the framed flag!! Gorgeous roses!! Hope you can kick aunt flows butt.

PG said...

I have been reading your blog for awhile but don't think I've commented yet. I hear on "normal to hormonal" - part of being a girl. Lovely roses!

Katie said...

Gorgeous roses!! It's so great that you get to talk to Joe most days. I cant even imagine how hard it is for you. You guys are always in my prayers.

Lou said...

oh that one start flag looks beautiful framed!

JG said...

Okay, that about the star made me lawl. That's awesome. :) But it does look amazing.