13 February, 2011

'Cause I Can

That is pretty much what today has been all about. =)

Last night, Joe had told me that he'd be getting online late the next morning {for me, night for him} because he had to do practice with the FOB chapel's praise team. {He plays piano for them. Probably sings too.} I so love it when he does that. It's like a little, "hey, you can sleep late" message. That's exactly what I did. Though, these days, late is 0800 or 0830. Today it was 0800. But I did manage to lay in bed and check emails, Facebook and Twitter for at least 45 minutes. I may or may not have attempted to go back to sleep too. =P

I got up leisurely and in about 20 minutes, my hubby was on iChat. =) Yay! We talked for as long as he could before he about passed out from exhaustion. Thanks to some idiot in his unit, they now have to get up super early for some sort of accountability. Then PT, then work. And after work, he had practice so naturally he was exhausted. Anyway. We had a good little chat. He's been super romantic since he got the VDay package I sent him. {No pictures on here until VDay!} I guess I inspire him or something. ;-) He thought he was "needlessly flattering" me and I could have let him go on for hours. Haha! I do believe I have myself a keeper!!

After he went to bed, I watched TV. I have really done nothing other than that today. Seriously. Yesterday, I was determined to clean on Saturday. There would be laundry, dishes and sweeping. I had different intentions when I woke up this morning...and I followed them to the letter.

I stayed in my pjs until well after 1300. I say that's allowed on a Saturday. I have watched movie after movie on TV today. I was pleasantly surprised at the selection today! Ella Enchanted (super cute movie!), Cheaper by the Dozen, part of Hope Floats, Pride and Prejudice, Sex and the City and now Enchanted (Patrick Dempsey - enough said). Quite a mixture, isn't it? I'm loving it though! And watching Pride and Prejudice made me want to read the book...again. Sort of. I halfway read it for class in high school. I'm thinking round 2 is required. Anyway.

I also became a popular person today! Let's see, I got 3 phone calls: 1 from Melissa, 1 from my Nana (*sigh*) and one from my MIL. I got texts from my SIL and Melissa. And Skype messages from Melissa. =P See? Popular! I suppose I should count the iChats with Joe too. {I should note that I NEVER talk to people/receive calls this much. EVER.} I had good chats with everyone too. My SIL's birthday was Friday, and I sent her a package on Monday. I made her the aforementioned laptop cover and 2 matching potholders, and I also sent her a box of Hawaiian Host chocolate covered macadamia nuts. She texted to let me know she got it. =) For the record, I L-O-V-E love chocolate covered macadamia nuts. Another score on the new foods list for Sarah since moving to Hawaii! Chocolate is my weakness, so it's probably not that big of a score. =P

To top off my "'cause I can" day, I made myself a lovely dinner of penne pasta with spaghetti sauce and caesar salad. For dessert, I had a bowl of vanilla frozen yogurt with M&Ms. It was soooooo good. Now I'm even more glad that I bought the frozen yogurt {which is 100 calories for 1/2 cup, in case you were wondering}. 

In between the movies and commercials, I've been doing lots of reading. Just a few minutes ago I finished book #3 of the Bride Quartet Series by Nora Roberts. I really just started book #1 a week ago. Geez, addicted much?! They really are that good though. I've been reading in between commercials all week! {Except during Grey's, of course. Must pay complete attention during Grey's. ;-)} I highly recommend them to anyone who's a female with the "romance gene."

So far, my weekend has been pretty awesome! How's yours going?

P.S. If you're down or just plain bored, you really need to visit this website. It's full of the worst {and by worst I mean best} iPhone/Autcorrect FAILS ever. I've been laughing a LOT today. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

I've had the quartet for a while now.. But havent't started on it! Sounds like I should if they're that addicting though! And "do nothing days" are the best sort! Just had one for me today!

JG said...

That sounds like a great lazy day! Love those days! And go you for making dinner. I think I would have ordered in. :)

Haley said...

Hey Sarah! I found you through the Mil Spouse Blogswap and I think we can relate a lot! I love spending Saturdays cooped up and watching movies, because theyre always playing on some channel :)

Also you have inspired me to go get some frozen yogurt tomorrow ... thanks a lot LOL. I guess thats better for my big ole pregnant self than fattening ice cream! ha!

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