12 January, 2011

Why I Like Tuesday

Today was such a good day. =) No power outages, no rain and few frustrations. I didn't even break anything today!

I woke up just after 0500 to the sound of my phone ringing. Before I even picked it up, I knew it had to be my husband. He's the only one brave enough to call me that early. ;-) Lol! Just kidding. I'm always nice to him when he calls. Even if it is at o'dark thirty. =) It was so nice to hear his voice. It sounded like he was in a pretty good mood too. Although, I probably would be too if I received a birthday package from family that included pictures from Christmas, white chocolate-covered Oreos, buckeyes, Butterfingers, granola bars, the Bourne Trilogy on DVD, a silly book, various other treats, a laptop cover (made by yours truly), a card (also from me) and one very awesomely decorated 8.5x11 sheet of paper saying "Happy Birthday." ;-)

I kid. You should have heard him going on and on about this package. You would have thought he'd won the lottery. I guess in the grand scheme of things he did... But you get my point. We (me and my SILs) sent the package while I was in NC. I couldn't believe all the stuff that they'd gathered for him! It's good thing I was there, though. They probably would have put all of that stuff into 2 boxes and I fit it all into 1. Oh, the skills of an Army wife. I digress. By the time we'd gotten the package together, we realized that we didn't have a card for him! My oh-so clever SIL, Anna, grabbed a sheet of paper off the printer and some markers. Yes, my husband got his very own handmade/colored birthday card. =P Since we had to print off some pictures, I decided I'd buy him a real card. Apparently this card sparked some emotions but I won't say which one(s). I wouldn't want to hurt his reputation as a rough-and-tough Soldier. ;-)

After we talked about the package, he totally picked at me. I politely asked if he thought it would be okay for me to get a DVR. {I have secretly been dying for one for months and just realized that our cable carrier offers one. Score!} He proceeded to mock me, as any good husband would do. "Daddy, can I get a snow cone??" *sigh* I love my husband. And, of course, he said yes. I mean, who can say "no" to a DVR that only costs $10 extra a month? Hard to beat. We then got onto the topic of last night's BCS Championship game. My husband dared to ask if I watched. Um, hello?! Of course I watched it! He asked if it was such a great game like everyone who had the chance to watch it while working said it was. It was a good game, but I had mixed feelings about it. Mr. Cam Newton supposedly took/received money for recruiting but was "cleared" of it. And the Ducks' uniforms were just hideous. Cue the hubby dying in laughter.

Me: What?

Joe: You are such a girl!

Me: Um, yeah...

Joe: Here you are talking about what a great game it was and all this other football stuff and then, "their uniforms were hideous!"

Me. *sigh* Yeah...I know...

Joe: I got the perfect combination when I married you. [said while laughing, of course.]

Awwwww. Hands off, ladies. He's all mine! Who has conversations like this at 5 am? I mean, really? We talked for 30 minutes and pretty much the whole time I was laughing. Here I am at 5 am, laying in bed in the dark, cracking up and talking to my husband. I was having serious flashbacks to when we were in college and dating. Now, he never called me at 5 am (he knew better even then) but we did have our fair share of late night pillow talks. It was a wonderfully perfect 30 minute phone call. I can't wait until he can pick at me in person. =)

After our gab fest, I went back to sleep... And slept for about 3.5 hours. I was shocked to realize that it was 0930 when I woke up. Woops! Before I knew it, it was 1100! This day practically flew by. I made a phone call to the cable company and arranged to pick up my DVR! =D I was so happy. When I got to the office to switch out my box, I was sadly reminded that people here aren't as friendly as they are back home. I opened my car door to realize that the guy parked beside me was trying to get in his car. He politely stepped back, but when I said "I'm sorry, excuse me," he said nothing. =( Back home it would have been a "Oh, it's ok. Have a good day" or something like that. *sigh* Anyway. I exchanged my box and came outside to two Soldiers walking in. I smiled at one of them (I just really like seeing Soldiers...it's odd) and he smiled and said, "Good afternoon." Seriously, that made my day. =)

Then I had my weekly run to the commissary. I honestly hate that I'm there so much. I just haven't figured out how to not be there every week. *sigh* Shopping in bulk is not my forte. Yet. The rest of my afternoon was nothing special, but the weather was so nice today that I couldn't really be upset about anything!

Plus, God and I had a pretty good chat last night about my crappy attitude as of late. After talking to my bestie and doing my Bible study, I realized that there was only one reason for my attitude: I wasn't trusting God like I should be. You see, there are times (many, many times) in my life where I think "I got this. I don't need help." Since Joe went back after R&R, I think I've had that mindset. I've struggled with the lack of communication, especially that first week. Yet, I refused to talk to God about it. I refused to say, "Hey, I'm really struggling here and I need Your help." Why? Human nature. And, quite simply, I know that Satan doesn't want me to ask for God's help. I've really been letting Satan get to me lately...without realizing it and that's what scares me most. For a while, I was really good at recognizing when he was pushing my buttons and whispering lies in my ear. Lately, I haven't been because I haven't been relying on God like I should be. It all came to a head last night. Once again, I realized that I don't have to do this on my own! God is willing and more than able to help me - to guide me - through this.

Wouldn't you know it that my attitude was a bazillion times better today!? Imagine that. =)

And tomorrow, I'm going back to the museum. I'm looking forward to taking a dive back into the world of history. =) Oh, AND I get to meet a bloggie friend next week! And hey, this donut is lookin' better and better everyday.

How can I not be happy about that?! =)


Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

Awe such a happy post! I love it :)

hmb said...

Meeting bloggie friends is the BEST! I've met several ladies that have had the misfortune of being sent here to Fort Drum. I figure that seeing my smiling face is at least one thing for them to look forward to ;)

Jessica said...

What a great post! I need to give more over to God as well. That's one reason I'm doing the Tour Of Duty Bible Study over at wivesoffaith.org

Your donut has more green than red!! YAY!!

Skinnie Piggie said...

This post is awesome, I'm so glad you had such a great day.

I agree with the ugly uniform thing, but the Cam Newton thing wasn't him... it was his greedy father, so sad. His dad was "respectfully asked" not to show up at the game.

I hope the rest of the evening went by just as great.

heather said...

I felt the same way about the bcs game. I am from Alabama and I HATE CAM NEWTON, and this state is nothing but how wonderful and great he is. Yes I am an alabama fan and yes I am glad the state got the championship two years in a row, but I wish the duck had won. I am a big duck fan, we had on our gear and expected a win.. when they find out his dad took anything they will strip him of everything just like they did with reggie bush. Oh well.. Off that high horse now :)

How/where did you get your donut of misery? I am going to need one soon.. And I would like to have one so once I get over the "hump" I can start the count down..

Have a good week...

JG said...

Yay for good days from start-to-finish! And I have no idea how you survived this long without a DVR! They are not even optional in our house!!

Amanda said...

My husband is gone on a Fishing trip & I too text-ed him to let him know that his DUCKS- had AWFUL, 80's Retro Socks on that ruined the uniform!!! HAHA

Chantal said...

You found another bloggy friend? Who do you get to meet? Yay!

my other half is a sailor. said...

so happy the donut is getting smaller until he gets home! i read your blog everyday - hope you stop by mine as well.

Wife on the Roller Coaster said...

I love great phone calls like that. Sounds like a wonderful day. And enjoy your DVR. I couldn't live without mine!

Megan said...

I totally agree with you about the Ducks uniforms! Whoever picked out those socks was either color blind or crazy!