05 January, 2011

I Made It!


In the past two weeks, I have traveled roughly 11, 106 miles. That's just destination to destination -- not counting the layovers I had. I am one tired cookie! I am not planning on leaving this island again for quite a while. Traveling across the Pacific and then across the US is not something I'd do again in the next month or so. My body has no idea what day or time it is. I can barely hold a conversation because I'm so tired that my brain can't handle too much information. It's sad. But, hey, I made it! =)

Not only did I travel across the US, I survived the holidays with my psycho family! As much as my side of the family drives me insane, they're still my family. I think the thing that bothered me most was the situation with my grandparents. As most of you know, Papa was hospitalized right after Joe deployed this summer (Thanks, Murphy). They found an aneurysm and tumor in his brain, and then placed coils in his carotid artery to stop the blood flow to both of them. Long story short, he was in the hospital for a very long time and had several complications while he was there. All of this has affected his personality for the worse. My Nana is now his caretaker - making sure he takes his medicine and that sort of thing. She was never Suzy Sunshine before and now it's worse. Both of them complain about everything and continually remind us that "this year might be our last." *sigh* Add that to the hateful way they talk to my mom and it was almost unbearable to be with them. I hate that because I always enjoyed spending time with them before. =( It makes things really hard.

As usual, my dad drove me nuts with his "advice" and opinions about politics and economics. He's not stupid, but he does like to think he knows all there is to know about those sorts of things and it's really irritating. Most of the time I just keep my mouth shut because I don't want to get into a long, drawn out conversation where he'll end up telling me I don't know what I'm talking about. My family isn't all bad, but man do they know how to irritate me!

The good news is everyone seemed to enjoy their gifts. =)

Mom with the quilt I made for her. =)

Dad loved the dashboard hula girl I bought for him.
The PX truly is a wonderful place. ;-)

Christmas tree at Mom's.

This is how I survived Christmas Eve at my grandparents' - texting my brother.
He's wearing the shirt I bought him.
Again, the PX is awesome. 

Christmas Eve - sorting the gifts.
I love that Papa is wearing a Santa hat. =)

Christmas without Joe was so weird. It didn't really even feel like Christmas. We did celebrate Christmas while he was home, so that's probably why. 

I still haven't uploaded pictures from my visit to NC. Although, I didn't really take a whole lot of photos while I was there. Do you remember me talking about the conference my church held in October? Well, one of the speakers encouraged us to "live in the moment, not for the moment." I have really taken to that phrase since then. And that's exactly what I did while Joe was home on R&R and while I was visiting family these last two weeks. I haven't taken so few pictures in a long time. And you know what? I really enjoyed myself. (You know, other than when I was being annoyed by my cranky grandparents and overbearing dad.) I played with my niece, spent quality time with my SIL, shopped with both of my SILs, and just hung out with family. I'd do the same thing all over again! Plus, I know that my FIL always has his camera going if I don't. =)

Out of the whole month of December, this was my favorite moment:

He was/is by far my favorite Christmas gift this year. =)


McDancer said...

Welcome home!
I totally struggle with the whole taking pictures vs. living in the moment. I want to capture every moment, but I want to live it too. Constant struggle haha. Hope you recover from jet lag soon!

heather said...

I absolutely love the running hug in the airport picture... so amazing..

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Welcome back!!! It looks like everyone enjoyed their gifts!!

Katie said...

Welcome back! Families certainly know how to push buttons. But you survived. :)

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

I'm so glad you made it back home with sanity intact.

JG said...

Glad you made it through safe and sound. I was the same way at Disney, I hardly took any pictures at all compared to usual. But it was worth it.